Jul 5, 2016 - 08:14 am

Oliver Blume, Nick Sampson, Arnaud Ribault.

Oliver-Blume“For me at this moment the plug-in versions are the best way to fulfill all the CO2 regulations but also our performance needs. We have the possibility to put in more power.”

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume would not share any details of the upcoming Porsche Panamera, but he insists the change to plug-in hybrid will not only boost efficiency but also performance.

Nick-Sampson“We are really against any hybrid technology that uses gasoline or diesel. We want to be pure electric – that’s our foundation, and that’s where we will stay. But there are a number of different ways to be pure electric, which we are actively exploring. Lithium-ion batteries aren’t the only solution.”

Nick Sampson, Faraday Future Senior VP R&D and Engineering, sees no place for ICE in the future of electric vehicles. Instead, he intends to keep FF technology open to other battery chemistry and systems.

Arnaud-Ribault“We would like to develop high-performance cars of hybrid and full-electric. This is the direction we are interested in – that’s why we created E-Tense.”

Sales and marketing boss at DS, Arnaud Ribault, says the brand’s electric E-Tense concept is a symbol of the brand’s intentions. He further noted that he not only liked the upcoming all-electric BMW i8, but would like to produce a rival vehicle.


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