Apoca, Kärnten, Hackney Council, Straddling Bus, Modesto.

More power for German parking stalls: The cooperation between parking space operator Apcoa and The New Motion is making headway. A total of 100 chargers at 35 locations are said to be online by the end of the month. By the end of the year, Apoca hopes to have 200 chargers at 100 locations.
parking-net.com, apcoa.com, instagram.com/electrive (sample)

Kärnten presents mobility plan: According to the “Mobility Masterplan 2035,” all 132 Kärnten municipalities (Austria) will get at least one mobility hub made up of public transport and sharing schemes (including electric ones). Further development of charging infrastructure and the partial electrification of the federal fleet are also part of the plan.
ktn.gv.at (in German)

Clean city travel: Hackney Council has received financial assistance from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund to purchase 50 electric cars and 30 push bikes to be used by council workers when travelling through the city. The switch is said to save 0.6 tons of NO2 per year by 2019.

Futuristic bus becomes reality: The Straddling Bus that drives electrically and above traffic and has room for 1,200 passengers (we reported) is said to go into production in the coming weeks. A first test drive is planned for August. The system is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to subways.

More EV for CA: The California city of Modesto will add four electric buses from Proterra and charging infrastructure to its fleet by the end of 2017. A little of 4m of the 6.2m dollar undertaking are funded by the California Air Resources Board.


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