Thrive, Eaton, Green Microcycle, Hyperloop.

ThriveSelf-sustaining EV concept: Student Patrick Carton from the Royal College of Art has won a design contest with his EV called Thrive. The car features piezoelectric materials that convert rain, wind and sunlight to energy, making the EV never have to stop at a charger again.

Powered by Leafs: A data centre in French Saint-Romain de Colbosc is the first that now features Eaton’s Li-ion energy storage using old batteries from the Nissan Leaf. The solution will ensure that the centre will never be without power, even though it relies on renewable energies. Eaton and Nissan had presented their concept during the COP21 in Paris last year.,

E-bike as generator: The Green Microcycle is the first e-bike that can also be used to generate electricity for the home. And while the capacity is not very high, it keeps you fit and saves money for the exercise bike.

Hyperloop from Finland to Sweden? Hyperloop One is planning a connection from Helsinki to Stockholm that would cut travel time between the two capitals to 28 minutes. Based on a feasibility study, the high-speed connection would cost around 19bn euros.,


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