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Sep 14, 2021 - 04:06 pm

Eaton & Ballard to improve fuel cells for hydrogen trucks

Power management company Eaton announced a new partnership with Ballard Fuel Cell Systems and the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to develop heavy-duty truck fuel cells. The prototype will incorporate airflow technology initially designed to improve fuel efficiency.

Mar 23, 2021 - 04:33 pm

Eaton buys up charging specialist Green Motion

The Swiss charging infrastructure provider Green Motion is being bought by the Irish-American energy management company Eaton. The company’s management will remain in place. Green Motion has been developing hardware and software for charging electric vehicles since 2009.



Jun 27, 2018 - 01:30 pm

Eaton launches eMobility business unit

Power management firm Eaton creates a new division aptly named eMobility to develop high-voltage technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles. Solutions will include supercaps, converters or transmissions for heavy-duty EVs and Eaton earmarked $500M over the next 5 years.



Dec 1, 2016 - 09:04 am

Nissan, Eaton, Wrightbus, Audi, TU Munich.

Nissan and Eaton got closer as they broaden their energy portfolio. The xStorage Home residential energy storage solutions, which can use second-life EV batteries, now come in six configurations and pre-orders have started in the UK, Norway and Germany with other European markets to follow. Nissan and Eaton also announced a 10-year deal with Amsterdam ArenA to provide back-up power to the Ajax stadium from second-life Leaf batteries.
greencarcongress.com, newsroom.nissan (xStorage), youtube.com (video, Ajax Amsterdam)

Wrightbus-Fuel-Cell-BusHydrogen double decker: British Wrights Group presented a hydrogen fuel cell bus driveline in London built into a double deck bus. The new system shall be ready for production by 2017 and can serve in both single-deck and double-deck buses.

The Audi lunar quattro is ready to go to the moon. The engineers have finished their work, reportedly supported by Audi, and have signed an agreement to take-off in 2017 already. The moon rover may be shot to earth’s natural satellite with the Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX.
electrek.co, audi-mediacenter.com, youtube.com (video)

Electric stair-climber: A wheelchair that can clim stairs and stabilises itself has been developed by TU Munich. The bionic system works with two “legs” that electrically push the chair up the stairs. The wheelchair is part of a wider mobility concept.
tum.de, youtube.com (in action)

Sep 26, 2016 - 08:42 am

Storm Sondors, Center for Hybrid Energy Systems, Eaton, Stuttgart.

Sondors-EV-CrowdfundingCrowdfunding for e-car: Storm Sondors, which already successfully staged crowdfunding for an e-bike, is now looking for funds for an electric car. The ‘Model Sondors’ is said to become available worldwide and cost just 10,000 dollars. It has three wheels, room for three and three battery options allowing for a range of 80, 160 or 320 km. Apart from a few teaser images, details remain under wraps.
electrek.co, crowdfundinsider.com

EV research Down Under: The Australian government is looking to team up with Delta Energy Systems, a developer and supplier for electric cars and fast-charging infrastructure, to set up the Center for Hybrid Energy Systems. Researchers there will then also look at battery, fuel cell and other hydrogen-related technologies for electric transport.

Two-speed transmission for EVs: Eaton showed a two-speed gearbox for heavy- and medium-duty electric commercial vehicles at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, which will allow for a greater speed and torque range. Production is said to kick off this autumn and will be used with UQM’s current PowerPhase HD220/HD250 motor and inverter system (we reported).

Durable silicon anodes: Researchers at the German university of Stuttgart have developed two new techniques to use silicon in batteries for electric cars. They were able to manufacture porous, micro-stabilised anodes to reach a high consistency in charging cycles. Patents for both innovations are pending in Europe and the U.S.
idw-online.de (in German)

Sep 1, 2016 - 08:17 am

BPW Bergische Achsen, MotorSolve, Eaton, fuel cell.

Electrifying trailers: Two new concepts for the electrification of trucks will be presented at the IAA by BPW Bergische Achsen. Its eSolutions include the ePower wheel hub generator that provides a trailer with energy from regenerative braking. The eTransport serves as electric axle for distribution vehicles and also contains an electric drive and energy storage, making for a fully electric truck.

EV engineering in the cloud: MotorSolve Online is a cloud-based design software for electric motors coded by Infolytica. Electric car designers can thus model and perform finite element analysis (FEA) simulations to predict motor performance.

Safer EV fuses: New fuses by Eaton designed for the use in hybrid and electric vehicles are said to be only half as heavy and large than previous models. The Bussmann series electric vehicle (EV) fuses also feature protection as low as 135 percent of rated current.
greencarcongress.com, eaton.com

Renewed H2 funding in the USA: The DOE has selected ten projects in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector for the second round of its Small Business Vouchers (SBV) pilot. The initiatives aim to reduce costs and to improve performance of said systems.

Jul 7, 2016 - 08:22 am

Thrive, Eaton, Green Microcycle, Hyperloop.

ThriveSelf-sustaining EV concept: Student Patrick Carton from the Royal College of Art has won a design contest with his EV called Thrive. The car features piezoelectric materials that convert rain, wind and sunlight to energy, making the EV never have to stop at a charger again.

Powered by Leafs: A data centre in French Saint-Romain de Colbosc is the first that now features Eaton’s Li-ion energy storage using old batteries from the Nissan Leaf. The solution will ensure that the centre will never be without power, even though it relies on renewable energies. Eaton and Nissan had presented their concept during the COP21 in Paris last year.
nissaninsider.co.uk, automotiveworld.com

E-bike as generator: The Green Microcycle is the first e-bike that can also be used to generate electricity for the home. And while the capacity is not very high, it keeps you fit and saves money for the exercise bike.

Hyperloop from Finland to Sweden? Hyperloop One is planning a connection from Helsinki to Stockholm that would cut travel time between the two capitals to 28 minutes. Based on a feasibility study, the high-speed connection would cost around 19bn euros.
theverge.com, gizmodo.com

Dec 9, 2015 - 09:10 am

Nissan & Eaton & Enel, PSA & SNAM, Hitachi, Powercell Sweden.

Nissan-Leaf-2016-Bronze2nd life for Nissan batteries: To give EV batteries a second life, Nissan teams up with Eaton. The power electronics specialist will take care of energy management in stationary energy storage units built from Nissan EV batteries. Another initiative with utility Enel will see electric Nissans serving as mobile energy sources in smart grid applications.
automotiveworld.com (stationary), automotiveworld.com (mobile)

Battery recycling: Peugeot and Citroën batteries are not destined for a second life but for transformation as PSA has charged French SNAM to recycle electric and hybrid car batteries. SNAM is to collect the packs from European dealerships and garages to then single out materials for reuse.

Solid-state advance: Hitachi and the Tohoku University present technology that reduces the internal resistance of solid-state lithium ion batteries through the use of LiBH4-based complex hydrides as solid electrolytes. The research led to thermally durable solid-state Li-ion batteries.
greencarcongress.com, hitachi.com

Power-to-Hydrogen pilot: Volvo subsidiary Powercell Sweden looks into the development of a system to store surplus energy from renewable sources as hydrogen to be used for fuel cells to provide electricity. The feasibility study could result in a demonstration project in 2016 and is conducted together with Wallenstam AB, Midroc Automation AB and Hydrogen Sweden.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was Panasonic’s new e-bike dubbed Bibi ELE-432.

Sep 5, 2014 - 08:27 am

Aleees & Sony, Eaton, Nissan, Arctrike.

Aleees-eBusIs BYD getting competition? On top of wanting to build electric buses with Siemens, Taiwanese company Aleees is cooperating with Sony in building lithium-ion batteries. Aleees wants to first introduce its electric buses in China, but aims to enter markets across the world in the long-run.
businesswirechina.com, electriccarsreport.com

Eaton looks elsewhere: The U.S. drivetrain specialist says that it will no longer offer its diesel-electric hybrid in the States, due to low demand. Instead, Eaton plans to concentrate on the Chinese and the European markets and is looking into hybridizing city buses.

e-NV200 Evalia crashes poorly: The passenger-carrying variant of Nissan’s all-electric van got a mere three out of five stars in EuroNCAP crash testing, just like the non-electric version did before. The main shortcoming is the lack of safety assist technologies, such as lane departure warning, city assist and electronic speed limiter.
transportevolved.com, fleetnews.co.uk

Lay back and peddle: London designer John Zoccano has started a crowdfunding campaign for his Arctrike – a trike with an electric drivetrain, which you can ride lying down. It has a top speed of 75 kph, while a more jovial version is capped at 32 kph.
lfpress.com, kickstarter.com

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the achievement of the scientist at the Technische Universität München (TUM) to observe the plating process in lithium-ion cells without having to destroy them.

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