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UK rapid chargers now with cost: From Monday, Ecotricity will charge for the usage of its 300 rapid-chargers along British motorways. For a 20 minute plug-in, the infrastructure provider will charge five pounds.,

E-bus in the capital: Berlin now has an electric sightseeing bus for tourists. The old diesel-powered bus was retrofitted with an electric drive. The conversion cost 200,000 euros and was paid for with city tax money. Operator Berlin City Tour is planning to retrofit other buses as well., (in German)

Driverless: Starting next month, Japanese internet company DeNA wants to offer an autonomous shuttle service in a large park near Tokyo using the electric EZ10 from EasyMile. How many shuttles will go into service is not clear, but two of the EZ10 will be used for a three-month pilot project in the Dutch municipal of Ooststellingwerf. (Japan), (Netherlands)

Star-studded: Hollywood Limousine Service from Canadian Winnipeg has acquired 13 Tesla Model S and 3 Model X. The goal is to eventually replace all of its limousines with Teslas.

More IKEA plugs: The IKEA location in Las Vegas now features three charging stations from Blink. The chargers can be used with an RFID card from Blink or as a guest via the Blink-App. It is already the 14th IKEA store in the U.S. that now offers a place for EVs to plug in.


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