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Mar 28, 2019 - 04:09 pm

Self-driving shuttles to operate in German town

By the Rhein river in the city of Monheim in Germany, five fully autonomous electric buses will begin operations on five bus lines this autumn. Each bus built by France’s Easymile is four meters long with seating for just six passengers.

Dec 7, 2017 - 04:25 pm

EasyMile to develop electrified autonomous 12m buses

French EasyMile is known for its twelve-seat electric shuttle EZ10 and intends now to develop technology for a full size bus together with several partners, among them Iveco. The upcoming vehicle shall also feature tech for autonomous driving.




Jul 10, 2017 - 07:51 am

Volkswagen, Kuka, Continental, EasyMile, LG Chem, Samsung.

Robot handshake: Volkswagen and robotic specialist Kuka have formalised their cooperation and thus agreed to shape the future of autonomous and electric driving together. The first fruit was the V-Charge project and further development was recently demonstrated with automated charging called e-smart Connect. The cooperation expands on the latter but more concepts are in the pipeline too.
autonews.com, greencarcongress.com, volkswagen-media-services.com

Continental reaches out as well and has acquired some shares of EasyMile, the french maker of the autonomous EZ10. The electric mini bus may see upgrades in environmental sensors, braking systems and driving safety technologies through the cooperation.

2nd gen batteries? It looks like LG Chem and Samsung are to follow Panasonic in a move to upgrade their batteries. The next generation of small cylindrical secondary batteries (21700) could be released by the end of this year with a capacity between 4,700mA and 4,900mA, while Panasonic’s new batteries that Tesla incorporates in the Model 3 come with about about 4,500 mA.

Jan 25, 2017 - 08:35 am

CharIN, Tesla, BYD, Easymile.

Fast-charging initiative CharIN has 10 new members, putting its total count at more than 60. According to the initiative, which wants to establish CCS as a worldwide fast-charging standard, EnBW, Honda, Hyundai, Infineon, Ingeteam, Keri, Lear, Siemens, STMicroelectronics and Yazaki joined at the beginning of the year.

Tesla with new partner Down Under? Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that Tesla is allegedly sitting down with facilities manager Spotless to set up “thousands” of EV chargers in Australia. The idea is for the Spotless Group to re-brand itself as a technology solutions firm for clients. The where and when was not revealed.

Electric student shuttle: The University of California, Irvine (UCI) announced that it will purchase 20 electric buses from BYD. According to its own accounts, it will make it the first university in the U.S. to only use electric buses on campus.

Electric commuter shuttle: Since Monday, Paris is testing two all-electric and autonomous EZ10 shuttles from Easymile on a stretch of road between Gare de Lyon and Gare d*Austerlitz. During the three-months trial, the shuttles are free to use. More test routes will follow.
digitaltrends.com, euractiv.com

Sep 27, 2016 - 08:23 am

Easymile, BC Hydro, Recargo, Sonoma State University, CEP.

Autonomous e-shuttle: Paris saw driverless minibus EZ10 roam along the river Seine. Maker Easymile is working with the French transport provider RATP and set a new test for this year. With a top speed of 25 kph, the EZ10 has been tested in Japan, Singapore, California, and Finland before.

Charging Canada: Utility BC Hydro completed its pilot project to install 30 DC fast-charging station in British Columbia. More than 98 percent of the electricity generated in the province was from clean or renewable sources last year.

Charging California: Recargo has allocated the 1.6m in funding from the California Energy Commission as it reveals eight locations for DC fast-chargers. They will be installed at key sites in Buellton, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, King City, Greenfield, Gonzales, and Gilroy.

Charging California, too is Sonoma State University, which will install six EV charging stations on campus by the end of the year. Their use will be analysed to see if more are needed in the future.

New H2 station: The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) has opened a new hydrogen charging stop at a gas station in Metzingen, a town in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


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Jul 8, 2016 - 08:11 am

Ecotricity, Berlin, EasyMile, Hallywood Limousine Services, IKEA.

UK rapid chargers now with cost: From Monday, Ecotricity will charge for the usage of its 300 rapid-chargers along British motorways. For a 20 minute plug-in, the infrastructure provider will charge five pounds.
motoringresearch.com, fleetnews.co.uk

E-bus in the capital: Berlin now has an electric sightseeing bus for tourists. The old diesel-powered bus was retrofitted with an electric drive. The conversion cost 200,000 euros and was paid for with city tax money. Operator Berlin City Tour is planning to retrofit other buses as well.
emo-berlin.de, berlin.de (in German)

Driverless: Starting next month, Japanese internet company DeNA wants to offer an autonomous shuttle service in a large park near Tokyo using the electric EZ10 from EasyMile. How many shuttles will go into service is not clear, but two of the EZ10 will be used for a three-month pilot project in the Dutch municipal of Ooststellingwerf.
nasdaq.com (Japan), itsinternational.com (Netherlands)

Star-studded: Hollywood Limousine Service from Canadian Winnipeg has acquired 13 Tesla Model S and 3 Model X. The goal is to eventually replace all of its limousines with Teslas.

More IKEA plugs: The IKEA location in Las Vegas now features three charging stations from Blink. The chargers can be used with an RFID card from Blink or as a guest via the Blink-App. It is already the 14th IKEA store in the U.S. that now offers a place for EVs to plug in.

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