Jul 14, 2016 - 08:27 am

PSA, EuroLiion, hydrogen, Xtrac.

PSA tests REx from Israel: The French manufacturer is looking into adding range and financially supports Israeli start-up Aquarius Engines in its quest to develop an especially efficient and small combustion engine as generator for batteries. PSA is already testing the technology in its cars.
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Better, cheaper batteries have been developed as part of the EU-funded project EuroLiion. The Li-ion battery packs for electric cars have an energy density of about 200 Wh/kg, a silicon anode, novel low-cost salts, and a modified iron or manganese/nickel-based cathode.

Support for H2 technology: The U.S. Department of Energy has earmarked 14m dollars for innovative hydrogen technologies. Especially high-temperature water splitting, advanced compression, and thermal insulation technologies are being funded. Moreover, the DOE has set up a B2B platform for H2 technologies called HFCNexus.

Transmission for electric motor: Xtrac introduced a new gearbox family. The P1227 is compatible with electric motors from BorgWarner, GKN, and YASA, who all worked on the development together with Xtrac. The transmission system’s dual electric motors allow for inherent torque vectoring.


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