Robert Bienenfeld, Diarmuid O'Connell, Tracy Woodard.

Robert-Bienenfeld“It’s a feature of the regulation that you’re required to produce fewer cars if you invest more in technology. It’s bizarre to say we need to make the regulation more stringent because it’s working.”

Robert Bienenfeld, assistant VP for U.S. environmental strategy at Honda, comments on a potential move by CARB to limit the trade of credits. Credits are traded by those, that overfill fuel regulations like Tesla. California wishes to push for more electrification across the board instead of trading.

anonym“You’d be punishing people who are doing the most to put EVs on the road.”

For Tesla, Diarmuid O’Connell, VP for business development, also rejects California’s idea to cap the lucrative credit trade. The firm welcomes higher emission targets, naturally.

anonym“Nissan is OK for now. But Leaf sales do need to carry the load for a ZEV requirement that will rise between now and 2024.”

Tracy Woodard, Nissan’s director for government affairs, regards the CARB proposal calmly. In any case, Nissan will have to increase electrification of its fleet to fulfil tougher regulation in the future.


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