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Nov 19, 2019 - 03:56 pm

Former Tesla VP moves to The Mobility House

Diarmuid O’Connell, former VP of Corporate Development for Tesla, has joined The Mobility House’s Board of Directors. O’Connell’s role will be to support the automotive industry and drive strategic growth in the US.

Aug 5, 2016 - 07:55 am

Elon Musk, Diarmuid O’Connell, Albert Biermann.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“To be clear, the priority vehicle development after the Model 3 would be the Model Y, the compact SUV, because that’s also a car that we expect to see demand in the 500k to 1 million unit per year level.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk once more shows no lack of enthusiasm when looking into the future of the EV maker. His promises come amid losses in Q2 and deliveries of existing models remaining behind projections.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“In essence, they’ve delivered little more than appliances. Now, appliances are useful. But they tend to be white. They tend to be unemotional.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla vice president of business development, looks at electric competitors like the Chevy Volt or BMW i3. While he welcomes competition, he does not think it strong enough yet as it lacks performance, range, and appeal.

Albert-Biermann“Are we working on a Tesla fighter like everybody else? At this point I can tell you: no, we are not working on it. But I would not exclude this for all times.”

Kia’s head of engineering Albert Biermann appears unfazed of any notion of going head to head with Tesla at the moment. The Koreans focus on fuel cells instead.

Aug 4, 2016 - 08:40 am

Diarmuid O'Connell, Mike Flewitt, David Keith.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“The roadmap to sell EVs is apparent for everybody to see. The industry is not even trying.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development, criticised other carmakers for not trying hard enough to sell electric cars, that they are not training dealerships and that electrified versions of i.e. the Kia Soul and Chevy Spark cost twice as much, as their petrol-counterparts.

Mike-Flewitt“When we present an electric car it will be the most exciting sports car we have ever made.”

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt is certain that the end of combustion engines is coming. While the manufacturer is betting more on hybrid technology in the next few years, Flewitt “would love to do a limited run” of an electric car, like for instance in the Ultimate Series.

David-Keith“The cost of batteries is so critical in all this that it justifies Tesla having this control. No one else is going to push as hard as they want to bring down the cost of batteries, and to push the market as fast as they need it to go.”

David Keith, an MIT professor studying automotive technologies, acknowledges that Tesla’s success depends on the success of its Gigafactory, because for its EVs to become more affordable for it to be able to scale up production, its needs large amounts of batteries at low prices.

Jul 19, 2016 - 08:15 am

Robert Bienenfeld, Diarmuid O'Connell, Tracy Woodard.

Robert-Bienenfeld“It’s a feature of the regulation that you’re required to produce fewer cars if you invest more in technology. It’s bizarre to say we need to make the regulation more stringent because it’s working.”

Robert Bienenfeld, assistant VP for U.S. environmental strategy at Honda, comments on a potential move by CARB to limit the trade of credits. Credits are traded by those, that overfill fuel regulations like Tesla. California wishes to push for more electrification across the board instead of trading.

anonym“You’d be punishing people who are doing the most to put EVs on the road.”

For Tesla, Diarmuid O’Connell, VP for business development, also rejects California’s idea to cap the lucrative credit trade. The firm welcomes higher emission targets, naturally.

anonym“Nissan is OK for now. But Leaf sales do need to carry the load for a ZEV requirement that will rise between now and 2024.”

Tracy Woodard, Nissan’s director for government affairs, regards the CARB proposal calmly. In any case, Nissan will have to increase electrification of its fleet to fulfil tougher regulation in the future.

Apr 18, 2016 - 07:59 am

Sergio Marchionne, Takeshi Uchiyamada, Diarmuid O'Connell.

Sergio-Marchionne“If [Tesla CEO Elon Musk] can show me that the car will be profitable at that price, I will copy the formula, add the Italian design flair and get it to the market within 12 months.”

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t opposed to building a compact electric car if it makes sound business sense. 400,000 Tesla Model 3 have already been reserved, but Marchionne wants to wait until the cars are delivered before being convinced.

Takeshi-Uchiyamada“It did not run. We applied all the engineering brain power we had. After 49 days, the day before Christmas, it finally ran. But only for 500 meters. We did not give up. Two years later in 1997, we introduced a breakthrough hybrid-powered vehicle called the Prius.”

Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada is known as the father of the Prius hybrid. Toyota is still struggling to push hydrogen cars, and Uchiyamada is reminded of the many troubles his Prius hybrid initially faced.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“It’s a success as far as it is right now. The real success will be delivering a great product at the volumes are possible and necessary.”

The Tesla Model 3 may be making huge waves, but the real test, says Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla Vice President of Business Development, is yet to come.
electrek.co (with video)

Jan 14, 2016 - 09:33 am

Diarmuid O'Connell, Carlos Ghosn, Mark Reuss.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“It would be a fulfilment of our mission if the biggest manufacturer in the U.S. put a mass-market EV on the road. We’re hopeful that they will and frankly that everyone else does.”

Tesla’s VP of business development Diarmuid O’Connell is up for competition, saying the company’s overarching mission is the electrification of transport.

Carlos-Ghosn“I’m used to many nicknames, but no, I don’t think so. That belongs to someone else you know very well.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn gave a humble response when asked if he would accept to be called “Mr. Electric Car.” We all know who he is talking about, but think that they could maybe share the title.

Mark-Reuss“It is a zero-emission vehicle, so there are a lot of credits for vehicles like the Bolt. Our plan is to improve fuel economy on all fronts, from taking weight out of new models to introducing game-changers like the Bolt.”

Mark Reuss, head of global product development at GM, sees the value of having a pure electric car for the whole fleet. And it sounds promising that GM may not intend to use it an excuse. More game-changers, please.


Nov 24, 2015 - 09:01 am

Bernie Sanders, Diarmuid O'Connell, Tim Cook.

Bernie-Sanders“To hell with the fossil fuel industry.”

U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders blames climate change for many problems in this world, i.e. for the rise of the Islamic State. The article itself includes some interesting language, like that climate change is “allegedly induced by carbon emissions.” Nothing alleged about it – it’s a proven fact!

Diarmuid-O-Connell“What we need on the road is more zero-emission vehicles, and in mass quantities. With the exception of Tesla, Nissan and perhaps BMW, most manufacturers are only putting the minimum numbers they need into the market to meet the regulations.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development, supports California’s current state legislature, prioritizing ZEVs. Others argue that the number of zero-emission miles is more important, and therefore want to see more plug-in hybrids on the road.

Tim-Cook“I think there’s some significant changes in the automobile industry over the next several years with electrification and autonomous driving. And there’s a need for a focus on user interface. And so I think there’s a lot of changes that will go on there.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t announce any iCar plans, but says that electrification and self-driving cars create new points of intersection between man and machine, needed to steer the new technologies.

Aug 6, 2015 - 08:19 am

Diarmuid O'Connell, Harald Krüger, Neville S. Jackson.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“It is not the vision of this company to produce a mass-market 35,000 dollar car by 2017 – it is the plan.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla VP for business development, is admirably determined and not shy to look down on those who are not, when he says that “compliance cars” remind him of “toasters” – ouch!
autonews.com, wsj.com

Harald-Krueger“There are a number of reasons why electric-car business is not so dynamic currently – one of them is that the network of charging stations is not yet as dense as we would like it to be. But we only have a limited influence on that.”

BMW CEO Harald Krüger is obviously hinting at incentives but continued to stress the importance of the i-project for the company as a whole, regardless of sales.

Neville-S-Jackson“The complexity of adding more gears can deliver you an improvement in overall system efficiency because you are operating in that more efficient area of the electric motor for a longer period of time of the vehicle operation. So sometimes it is worth doing. It does depend on the motor design as they do have different characteristics.”

Prof. Neville S. Jackson, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Ricardo, admits that gears improve efficiency. However, gains would only be around 5 percent and thus result in too small an increase of range for it to be worthwhile.

Jun 18, 2015 - 08:30 am

Diarmuid O'Connell, Stefan Quandt.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“We know that the facts support us, and we’ve got a pretty big megaphone. As long as we stay credible, people will pay attention.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s VP of business development, is outspokenly against a revision of Californian rules that require 15 percent of cars sold in the state to be zero-emission vehicles by 2025. Established companies are seeking to ease the challenge by calling for e-miles travelled. Tesla obviously intends to fight back publicly.

Stefan-Quandt“That we enter the market with a stationary storage solution at the same time is coincidence. But also an indication that we are not alone in expecting strong growth in that market.”

Says BMW´s major shareholder Stefan Quandt, whose company Solarwatt is right on time, together with Tesla and Daimler, to offer stationary energy storage for private buyers. He claims however, that his battery ambition has nothing to do with BMW.
manager-magazin.de (in German)

Sep 29, 2014 - 08:31 am

Bob Lutz, Diarmuid O'Connell.

bob-lutz“When you look at it, their total production to date is still less than one day’s production of General Motors or Ford. So it’s filled with a lot of hype.”

Bob Lutz, former product manager at GM and one of the fathers of the Chevy Volt, says that Tesla has to develop a next generation of EVs with smaller batteries, if it wants to become an established brand.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“The opportunity with Daimler gave us an endorsement and credibility when we were an interesting phenomenon in the market.”

Said Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla vice president of business development, when he spoke with investor and Tesla board member Ehrenpreis at the recent Renewable Energy Finance Forum in San Francisco.

Jul 17, 2014 - 08:54 am

Elon Musk, Tony Seba, Diarmuid O'Connell.

Elon-Musk“The Roadster had an old generation battery. We’ll upgrade it to a new generation battery pack and it should have a range of about 400 miles, which will allow you to drive from LA to San Francisco non-stop.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk puts some concrete numbers behind the upcoming update of the Roadster (we reported).

Tony-Seba“Within the next 10 to 15 years, everything is going to change in transportation. It’s going to be the biggest transformation of transport in a century – since the gasoline engine disrupted horses.”

Tony Seba, energy expert from Stanford University, sees the end of cars as we know them drawing very near. Already by 2030, autonomously driving vehicles might have become our preferred means of transport.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“I am furious at any allegation that any public money was spent on the Supercharger network. Those sites have been paid for entirely by Tesla Motors — which continues to spend money in expanding the network.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development, firmly challenges a claim made by Hyundai. The Korean carmaker’s representative felt left alone by the U.S. government with regards to hydrogen technology.

Jun 26, 2014 - 08:24 am

Diarmuid O’Connell, Chetan Maini.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“We’re in the process of developing our first location.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s VP of Corporate Development, when asked about battery swapping. The plans might have been delayed but are still said to go ahead maybe already in the third quarter of this year.

Chetan-Maini“As a philosophy, I do believe it’s going to make people rethink on IP and technology sharing.”

Chetan Maini, CEO of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, on Tesla’s free patent policy. Mahindra is currently looking into applicability of Tesla technology in its own offerings.

Feb 12, 2014 - 09:26 am

Brad Berman, Diarmuid O’Connell.

Brad-Berman“Perhaps where the Kia Soul EV will truly stand out to represent a legitimate alternative for EV buyers is in the platform itself.”

While Brad Berman is not particularly impressed by the battery and motor specifications of Kia’s all-electric car, he expects that the “quirky” looks of both the interior and exterior are more likely to attract buyers.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“We’re hoping the government will consider the role Tesla can have in catalysing electric vehicle adoption in China and extend those incentives to Model S as well.”

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development, is optimistic after Tesla’s shares reached its record high yesterday following the news about China’s plans to extend its EV subsidies.

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