Jaguar Land Rover, Argonne Lab, Jülich, Hyundai.

Battery alliance in the works? Jaguar Land Rover may be talking with BMW about setting up a joint battery factory, The Times reports. The production facility could provide batteries for hundreds of thousands of EVs. However, neither manufactured commented on the rumours.,

More efficient trucks: The U.S. DOE’s Argonne Laboratory will head a consortium under the US-Chinese Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) to improve the efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks by 50 percent. The focus is i.e. on hybrid powertrains, light weighting and aerodynamics.

Longer running times: Researchers at Jülich’s Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK) say they have found the reason for silicon-air batteries’ short running times – the consumption of electrodes. They developed a pump system to refill electrolyte fluid as part of the AlSiBat project, reaching running times of up to 1,100 hours. They are now looking for ways to keep the battery running without refilling the fluid.

Hyundai mobility research: Hyundai has opened the Ioniq Lab in Pangyo in South Korea, where the carmaker works together with several universities to develop new ideas and concepts for future mobility. Electric mobility will play a major part – which is why the centre was named after Hyundai’s newest electric and hybrid model.,


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