South Korea, India, TARC, New Jersey, NovaCharge.

South Korea gets more electrified: The government wants to help EV charging infrastructure along, investing 180m dollars before the end of the year. A total of 150 fast-chargers could be erected by November. Another 30,000 charging points at apartment complexes are also part of the deal.

India’s three-year EV plan: No less than five million EVs and hybrids are supposed to hit the road in India in the coming three years. The government wants to support uptake by offering tax reduction for fleet operators and a scrappage fee for cars with combustion engines.

New electric buses for Louisville: Die Transit Authority of River City (TARC) in Kentucky, USA, is adding six new all-electric buses to it fleet. With the new Proterra buses, the transportation company now has a total of 15 all-electric buses on the road. The switch is said to safe 60,000 gallons of diesel per year.,

Charging on campus: The College of New Jersey has opened five EV charging stations on campus, in an effort to become more sustainable. The college is partnering with utility PSE&G, which provided the equipment for free. TCNJ will foot the bill for installation and maintenance.

Customised charging: NovaCharge now offers its NC-5000 EV chargers for all. The customisable front allows businesses to promote their own name, while offering EVs a place to plug-in. Just recently, the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) in Florida chose the chargers for exactly that reason.


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