Shu Youxing (BYD), Stefano Domenicali (Lamborghini).

Shu-Youxing“Through our discussions, we have discovered our BEVs are being charged at night. During the afternoon and evening, the burden is very low on the grid.”

BYD General Manager for auto sales, Shu Youxing, still asks for speedy updates of the grid despite EVs being charged at night rather than at peak times. Once EVs will become widely adopted, the network has to be ready to carry the load at any hour.

Stefano-Domenicali“We cannot think that electrification, hybrids and fuel cells will not hit the super sports car segment. It will. It’s a matter of time.”

Says Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali but points to the technology being too expensive in the luxury sports car market – of all markets. So when will that future finally arrive, we wonder?!


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