Sumitomo, Berkeley Lab, XL Hybrids, Showa Denko.

Fuel cell CV partnership: Japanese Sumitomo plans to sell hydrogen commercial vehicles together with US Hybrid from California, Nikkei reports. The fuel cells will be delievered by the Americans, while Sumitomo mainly aims to supply Japanese manufacturers of vans and trucks.

Ant-nest-like Li-S structures: A team at the Berkeley National Laboratory developed a novel Li-S electrode with a structure based on ant nests. Its increased sulfur loading and sulfur/inactive-materials ratio is said to improve life and capacity of Li-S batteries.

EPA testing of vans fitted with XL Hybrids’ XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive Systems showed a 26 percent mpg improvement. The retro-fitted hybrid Ford Transit also had a more than 50% reduction in NOx emissions.

Demand driven: Showa Denko announced that it will expand the production capacity of carbon nanofibre (VGCF) from 200 to 300 tons next year. It is added to cathodes and anodes of lithium ion batteries to improve conductivity. The expansion is due to an increase in demand driven by PEVs.


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