Aug 17, 2016 - 09:38 am

MIT, Borgward, BrakeForceOne, Mate.

Range anxiety irrational: 87 percent of cars currently on the road could be replaced with electric cars available today. This is the result of a study by MIT and the Santa Fe Institute that analysed driving patterns and even factored in ambient temperature and fuel economy. It based the analysis on a modestly priced Nissan Leaf that would be charged over night.,,

Borgward buys expertise: The revived brand has hired Dr. Tilo Schweers as Chief Developer for Alternative Drive Systems. He studied at RWTH Aachen and worked for Daimler previously. Florian Herbold is to work alongside him as Chief Engineer for Transmission Development and Integration.

ABS for e-bikes: Initially developed for a Volkswagen e-bike, BrakeForceOne launches its ABS for pedelecs at the Eurobike. The system is based on a algorithm and sensors, which detect if one of the wheels is locked or lifted up. It then assures safe deceleration.

E-bike mate: Danish start-up is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign for its folding pedelec. Three versions are based on different battery sizes and the cheapest model would start at 599 dollars. In the U.S., the 250 W motor will be allowed to hit 20 mph but is restricted to 25 kph in Europe., (video)


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