SolidEnergy, Tesla, Changan, EV4 Oregon.

SolidEnergy from 2018? The technology said to double EV range has long been expected. Now, the MIT spin-off SolidEnergy says its “anode-free” battery with lithium-metal foil will be available for automotive applications by 2018. Last time we checked it was 2017 but innovation takes time.,

Tesla battery research: The exclusive research collaboration with Dalhousie University has found that conventional electrolytes for Li-ion batteries contains material with detrimental effects for cycling performance at higher voltages. The team removed that EC and replaced it with EC-free-linear alkyl carbonate-based electrolytes for improvements.,

Hybrid drive for the UK: Project IMPACT (Integrated Magsplit Powertrain with Advanced Control and Testing) sees Magnomatics consort with Changan UK, Romax Technology, CMCL Innovations and University of Sheffield to develop the Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) for 38m GBP.

All-in-one: EV4 Oregon’s ETM charging station features a solar canopy and battery storage for excess energy when no EV is charging. The system covers two parking spaces and offers both AC and dual-mode DC chargers with CCS and ChaDeMo connectors.


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