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Tesla, Baidu, Mercedes, e-rickshaws, Beijing.

Show Tesla the money: Another round of financing is needed if the Model 3 and Gigafactory are to go ahead as planned. Tesla says, it intends to raise additional funds by the years’ end “through potential equity or debt offerings.” The merger with SolarCity plays a role as well. Apart from risks, Tesla also offers new securities. ‘InsureMyTesla’ is the firm’s first insurance product and will be available in Australia and Hongkong with QBE Insurance and AXA General Insurance as partners.,,, (insurance)

Autonomous EV by Baidu: The Chinese equivalent to Google has started testing its self-driving technology with an all-electric Chery EQ. Previously, Baidu used a modified BMW 3-series. The company plans to put its technology to public shuttle duties by 2018.

Hybrid AMG racer: Mercedes’ tuning arm AMG will presumably celebrate its 50th jubilee with a special edition. The rumours may take on production form already by 2017, Top Gear learned. Three electric motors coupled with an extra strong F1 engine would make for a fine 700 hp hybrid.

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Free e-rickshaws: India has liberated electric carts and rikshaws from requiring any permits to allow them to hit the roads freely. Restrictions can still be imposed for driving in specified areas or streets.,

LEV ban in China: Beijing has banned segways and electric scooters from Chinese roads. Security issues like illegal speeds over 20 mph, missing lights, and weak brakes are behind the move. Drivers being caught face a fine of 10 yuan (1.5 dollars).


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