Sep 12, 2016 - 08:41 am

London, Chargemaster, e-pendler, Supercharger, ClipperCreek.

More e-buses for London: The English capital wants to electrify two bus lines (507 and 521) by the end of the year. The 51 new electric buses, built by BYD and Alexander Dennis, would then bring the total number of electric buses in London to 73. Another 2,000 hybrid buses are already on the road there.,

UK charging network join forces: Chargemaster has taken over fellow provider Elektromotive’s Charge Your Car (CYC), meaning Britain’s two largest charging networks are now one. Both brands are said to remain, while customer support and maintenance resources will be shared.

“e-pendler in niederösterreich” strikes a balance: After its three -year run, the programme in Lower Austria counted new 114 electric cars, 86 e-bikes and 167 charging points. Moreover, the acceptance of electric mobility in combination with public transport is said to have increased, while the e-bike market experienced a “boom.” Since 2013, the region had tested how the daily commute between Vienna and Wr. Neustadt could become more efficient and environmentally friendly. (in German)

Supercharging Portugal? It seems Tesla is meeting with Portuguese officials looking to set up Superchargers in the country. The carmaker doesn’t offer any direct service in the country yet, but there are still quite a few Model S drivers already, that could soon change as well. (in Portuguese) via

Introducing Share2: The new ClipperCreek system allows Level 2 charging station to split power from a one branch 40A circuit, allowing for the installation of an additional charger without running another 240 V circuit. The station will operate at full power when only one car is plugged in, while splitting the energy when both chargers are in use.,


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