Climate Action Tracker, Opel, Kwon Moon-sik.

Climate-Action-Tracker“We calculate that the last gasoline/diesel car will have to be sold by roughly 2035.”

According to a new report from Climate Action Tracker (CAT), no combustion engine vehicles should be sold past 2035, if the 1.5-degree climate goal is to be met. All petrol and diesel car would have to be off the road b 2050.

anonym“If you don’t want to lose too much money, we prefer not to make right-hand-drive yet. The decision was partly financial.”

An Opel spokesman explains why the Ampera-e won’t be launching in the UK under Opel’s subsidiary Vauxhaul. At least not the first-generation.

Kwon-Moon-sik“As the government has released a roadmap for hydrogen-car development, I think we can soon introduce hydrogen cars that are competitive in both price and performance.”

Kwon Moon-sik, Hyundai Motor Group vice chairman, is confident that hydrogen fuel cell technology will take off. The south Korean government is investing heavily in H2 filling stations and offers subsidies to make buying an EV more attractive.


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