Sep 26, 2016 - 08:41 am

Rupert Stadler, Wolfgang Bernhard, Denis Naughten.

rupert-stadler“Our new models will all have 500 kilometres of range. I have always said: as long as we can only reach 150 to 200 kilometres, electric cars don’t make any sense.”

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has changed his stance on electric mobility, saying that with increased battery performance and decreased prices, the time has come for an electrified portfolio. (in German)

Wolfgang-Bernhard“Ten years ago I saw no market for e-trucks.”

Wolfgang Bernhard, head of Daimler Truck, has made a similar U-turn, also referring to increased battery performance and lower prices. These conditions will set the stage for the e-Canter in the U.S. Japan and Germany starting next year.

Denis-Naughten“There hasn’t been the uptake we would have liked to have seen. To be honest, we thought at this stage we’d be phasing the supports out.”

Ireland’s Climate Change Minister Denis Naughten explains that the country is considering further EV incentive schemes, as current ones have not really pushed the market along far enough. What exactly these measures will be is not clear yet.


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