Sep 27, 2016 - 08:25 am

LG Chem, ZF, Swatch, POC.

LG Chem to take the lead: The Korean firm aims to become world’s largest maker of EV batteries and to achieve 7 trillion won (6.4bn dollars) in sales in 2020. If successful, LG Chem’s battery business would need to grow nearly six times in four years. As the EV market in Europe is gaining traction, another battery production facility is planned in Poland to handle operations on the continent.

ZF drives commercial vehicles electrically as it developed an all-electric central drive designed for delivery trucks and buses in urban environments. ZF also presented the AVE 130 electric portal axle, a concept that has been introduced in Mercedes’ Urban eTruck von Mercedes.

Swatch electric plane: Swatch subsidiary Hamilton debuted the first electric plane to be used for aerobatics in Switzerland. The Silent Aircraft Twister is powered by an electric drive delivered by Siemens. The battery comes from Renata, another Swatch subsidiary and lasts for 160 km. (in German, with video)

Electric motorcycle brand: Swedish sports brand POC has a new label called Cake. It will offer off-road electric motorcycles. The first model is planned for 2017 and the company aims for a 10 percent market share in ten years.


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