Hyundai, FORELMO, Oxbotica, supercapacitors.

Driverless future for the Ioniq: Hyundai and the University of Seoul have started a research project, in order to produce fully automated electric cars by 2020. A first prototype based on the Hyundai Ioniq will see the light in January of next year.

New cathode material for safer batteries: Chemists working on the project FORELMO are looking into making EV batteries safer. Instead of using a nickel connector, they are using lithium-iron-phosphate as cathode material. The connection does not release oxygen that could ignite., (in German)

Hitting the road: Milton Keynes saw first tests of a self-driving electric car on its public UK roads this week. The technology was developed by Oxbotica, a spin-off of the Oxford University.,

Supercap research: Researchers at MIT have developed a new supercapacitor that does not use carbon and is said to be more powerful than current supercapacitors. That is made possible by using so-called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the German Federal Highway Research Institute test driving the Tesla Model S and finding that the Autopilot is too unsafe for the road. They now want to take the car out of service.


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