Nov 3, 2016 - 09:28 am

Nissan, Toyota, Solarwave, Boom Trikes.

Nissan-ePowere-Power by Nissan: The Japanese officially presented their range extender system, which features in the Note model in Japan first. The e-Power marries Leaf technology with a small petrol engine that charges the smaller battery in times of need. It drives purely electrically. Maybe the Micra will soon cruise electrically too, at least AutoExpress purported it., (Micra)

Prius Racer: Toyota brought the Prius G to the SEMA show. It shows the hybrid dressed as a performance sports car and it prove it is more than just fancy dress on a race track already. It takes inspiration from the Prius GT300.

Catamaran sailing on solar: Solarwave built an electric catamaran whose two motors are powered by an 80 kWh battery rejoiced via solar panels. The price of 2.5m dollars seems a bit of a stretch, yet the company says it has nine orders already and is working on successors.

E-Cruiser Boom: Swabian Boom Trikes developed and electric roadster. The E-Cruiser has two electric motors with 100 kW and is said to power on for 450 km. Prices start at 34,900 euros and deliveries are set for June next year. (in German)

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