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Toyota, VW, BMW, Singulato Motors, SouEastMotors, Workhorse.

New-Toyota-Prius-2016Toyota swings to EV: The Japanese hybrid expert will build electric cars from 2020, Nikkei reports. Toyota will set-up a dedicated team by 2017 to develop a platform for EVs. Batteries with at least a 300 mile range shall be standard with either internal or external support. The move was expected.

15 VW PEV in China: Volkswagen will launch 15 electric and plug-in hybrids for the Chinese market within the decade. They are to be produced locally and are a necessity given China’s fast moving new energy vehicle legislation.

BMW 1series as PHEV? The 2018 BMW 1 series will sit on the new technology platform UKL2. Autozeitung reports that a plug-in hybrid variant dubbed 125xe is “very probable.” It would combine a 136 hp engine with a 65 kW electric drive. (in German)

600m dollars for EV? Chinese start-up Singulato Motors may receive 600m dollars of financing, Reuters learnt. The money is for building a facility in Tongling, where 200,000 electric cars shall roll off the lines by 2020. Yet, first models may come as soon as the end of 2017.

Electric microcar from China: The Dear CC EV10 is reminiscent of the Fiat 500 but comes from Chinese SouEastMotors and is electric only. The firm plans to design an EV range for younger buyers and the EV10 will debut later this month on the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Electric pickup: Workhorse is to develop an electric pickup work truck, a draft reveals. The W-15 is set for production by 2018 and is equipped with a range extender that supports a battery from Panasonic. The latter is said to last for 80 miles. Duke Energy and the City of Orlando expressed interest.

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