Nov 16, 2016 - 09:06 am

Paris, fast-charging network, Iceland Foods, BMW, DRIVETHEARC.

43 e-buses for Paris: The local transportation agency RATP has ordered another 20 Bolloré e-buses and will begin testing pantograph charging technology. RATP has already purchased 23 electric buses, a deal that included the option of purchasing another 70 to 80 units. The agency hopes to electrify 80 percent of its 4,500 strong bus fleet by 2025. (in French)

EV manufactures plug in: The development of fast-charging infrastructure in Germany seems to not go fast enough for German automakers. BMW, Daimler, VW and others are now talking with motorway restaurant operator Tank+Rast to set up their own fast-charging network by 2018. (in German)

Cool delivery: Iceland Foods is testing a retrofitted 5.5-ton electric cooling truck for deliveries in the UK. The project is funded through an OLEV grant and Innovate UK, and also includes a range of industry partners and LowCVP in charge of evaluating the outcome.

BMW tests intelligent charging: With its ChargeForward project, the Bavarian carmaker has already been trying intelligent charging to stabilise the grid in San Francisco, working with 100 i3 drivers there (we reported). The results were now published and a second phase has kicked off. Users are now to fill up with more renewable energy and utilities are to profit more as well.,

Charging CA: The construction of the charging corridor DRIVETHEARC in northern California has begun. The 50 fast-charging stations are to go live by March 2017. The project is realised by Nissan, EVgo and Japan’s biggest research organisation NEDO.,


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