Nov 28, 2016 - 08:39 am

Loop Energy, Toshiba, Saint Jean Carbon, Tesla.

Loop-Range-ExtenderThree times the range: Canadian company Loop Energy presented their new fuel cell range extender, said to more than triple the range of heavy-duty electric trucks. The 56 kW system offers a power density of 213 W/L and will apparently be used by an unnamed manufacturer starting next year.

Fuel cells set sail: Toshiba has fitted the 14-metre ship “Raincho N” with a fuel system and began testing it in October. Working with the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, researchers hope to learn more about use of fuel cell systems in ship operations, as Toshiba wants to launch a fuel-cell powered vessel by 2020.

New batteries from old ones: Carbon science company Saint Jean Carbon is working with a battery manufacturer to build a Li-ion battery made from re-used materials from an old EV battery, as well as upcycled anode material. The goal is to show that battery parts can be used over and over again to make new systems with comparable performance, all while reducing the need for mining.

Stealing a Tesla: IT experts in Norway have shown how it could be done. They offered free Wi-Fi at a Supercharger location, named after a fast-food restaurant there. Said restaurant supposedly offers a free meal if the driver installs an app, which hackers then used to gain control of the Tesla app. Conclusion: bring a sandwich.,, (video)

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