Dec 6, 2016 - 08:54 am

Harald Krüger, Mark Fields, Gyoo-Heon Choi.

Harald-Krueger“BMW i remains our spearhead in terms of innovation and it will continue to open up groundbreaking technologies for the BMW Group.”

As BMW is looking to increase sales of electric cars by 15 to 25 percent by 2025, BMW CEO Harald Krüger told reporters that the company will continue to invest in its i sub-brand and slowly transfer the technology to group brands.

Mark-Fields-Ford“We will be very clear in the things we’d like to see.”

Ford CEO Mark Fields says the carmaker will work with President-elect Donald Trump to keep jobs in the U.S., if the government relaxes emission standards. He still doesn’t see a market for electric vehicles and apparently hasn’t learned anything from Tesla. Not even that demand will come if the supply is there.

Gyoo-Heon-Choi“We are also thinking about other areas, like Formula E.”

Hyundai Motorsport president Gyoo-Heon Choi hinted that the carmaker is looking to promote its new performance arm, named N, by betting on motorsport. While he is also looking at the electric racing series, he says it might not be financially viable for another few years.


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