Dec 8, 2016 - 08:50 am

London, Toyota, PRIMOVE, ChargeNow, ReachNow.

Green London: London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to more than double funds to tackle the cities air pollution problem, increasing sending to 875m pounds over the next five years. The money will be used to i.e. fund Ultra Low Emission Zones, as well as electric buses and taxis. Just a few days ago, Kahn announced all new single-deck buses purchased for the city centre after 2018 will be all-electric.

Hybrid carsharing: Toyota is trialling its carsharing scheme YUKO Toyota Car Club in Dublin (Ireland) and Forli (Italian). The fleet only features hybrid cars – namely the Prius, Yaris Hybrid and C-HR Hybrid. 15 cars are currently on the road in Dublin and seven in Forli. Other European cities are said to follow.,

Hybrid bus charged on the go: The Swedish city of Södertälje has commissioned a hybrid bus from Scania. The vehicle is equipped with Bombardier’s PRIMOVE system and can be charged inductively. It is therefore also the first wirelessly charged bus line in Scandinavia.

BMW finds Chinese partner: The carmaker is teaming up with Chinese real estate company CapitalLand. The goal is to install at least 100 of its ChargeNow stations in twelve cities by the end of 2017.

ReachNow gets electrified: The BMW carsharing scheme, which also started in Portland, Oregon, in September (we reported), now includes 30 BMW i3. Competitor car2go also offered 30 EVs back in 2012, but as since phased them out. Let’s hope, the BMWs are there to stay.



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