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Frosting Supercharger parking: Elon Musk has unveiled new rules for Supercharger access after his recent promise to take action. Any Tesla caught blocking a Supercharger five minutes after being fully charged has to pay 40 ct per minute. The fee only applies if all chargers are blocked.,

7,500 EV charging stations: The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) ‘Charge Smart and Save’ scheme. The utility will install 7,500 EV charging stations at multi-unit sites and workplaces across NoCal. PG&E initially planned 25,000 charge spots but got turned down by regulators who feared a monopoly and wanted inclusion of disadvantaged communities.,

Démenti: BMW’s DriveNow has explicitly denied any plans to merge with Daimler’s Car2Go, which the Manager Magazin had reported on Friday, claiming fear of competition from Uber as the reason for the unlikely liaison. DriveNow partner Sixt also rejected the allegation. (in German)

Charging Columbus: American Electric Power (AEP) will install 250 public EV charging station in Columbus, the city that reportedly won the U.S. Smart City Challenge. Another 1,000 EV chargers are to be located in residential areas. Both the city and the utility pledged to electrify their fleets.

Dynamic charging data: Zap-Map has launched live data on availability of EV charging stations in Chargemaster’s Polar network with other networks to follow. PEV drivers in the UK will be able to see if a charge point is in use of free via desktop as well as mobile applications.,


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