Jan 20, 2017 - 09:19 am

Foodstuffs, Nissan, Connecticut, Portugal.

Electric delivery: New Zealand’s supermarket chain Foodstuffs is getting cash from the government to test the use of electric delivery vans at its locations. 28 Nissan e-NV200 will be imported for the task in 2018. The installation of public EV chargers at the market’s locations is also in the cards.

Field testing bi-directional charging: Nissan is working with Newcastle University on a project using electric cars that feed electricity back into the grid. The first ten V2G charging points have been installed on the university’s campus and at Nissan’s research centre in Cranfield. The tests are part of a larger project, in the course of which Nissan plans to install a total of 100 V2G chargers on the Iles.

Banking on dieselgate: The U.S. state of Connecticut is getting 50m dollars in financial penalties from VW following the scandal, and is now considering where to invest. The Connecticut Public Interest Group proposed the installation of more than 100 EV charging points and the purchase of dozens of electric buses.

Electric Portugal: More than 4,000 electric vehicles were roaming the streets of Portugal last year, and the country expects to crack the 5,000-EV milestone this year. In the coming weeks, 14 fast-chargers will be installed in Portuguese cities and along the motorways.


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