SAE J2954/2, PosLX, Tesla, PowerCell.

WitricityWireless standardisation efforts: SAE works tirelessly on norms for wireless charging so the (non-existent) lines will eventually be open to all makes and makers. After the SAE J2954 norm for inductive testing stations has been published, commercial electric vehicles are up next. SAE J2954/2 is to standardise charging with 50 to zu 250 kW. To put all this into practice, SAE International turned to Electrify America, VW’s diesel-gate redemption firm in the States. SAE proposed to install hundreds of wireless charging stations by 2019 because it wants to gain insights from real-life applications.

Korea is now a lithium producing country for the first time. Although it makes most of the world’s Li-ion batteries, it is only with the opening of the PosLX (POSCO Lithium Extraction) plant that Samsung and LG Chem can fall back on domestic supply. About 2,500 tons of lithium carbonate will be processed here by recycling lithium phosphate extracted from waste secondary batteries.

Tesla patents for metail-air tech: No, there are no suitable metal-air batteries for EV just yet but Tesla had been looking into the technology to use it as range extender for example. The electric carmaker obtained a few patents and got another one. This time for charging metal-air batteries.

Swedish fuel cells for Japan: PowerCell announced its plan to do business in Japan with local partner Inabata. The Swedish and Japanese companies will appear together at the FC Expo in Tokyo in March. Inabata will be PowerCell’s distributor.


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