eGreenLastMile, Germany's cross-country EV charging network, Luxembourg, Dubai, California

Electric truck pilot: EU project eGreenLastMile (eGLM) is to start tomorrow. German and Dutch logistics firms consorted to buy nine electric trucks and five EV fast-chargers. The EVs shall deliver goods over shorter distances in the border region and around logistic hot spots. The project is worth 5.2m euros in total with companies initially investing 145.000 each, topped up with 3.9m euro in EU funding. They aim for a return of investment until 2020 through joint procurement and offer a 24/7 service, enabled by the trucks’ near silent operation. (in German), (project desc, pdf)

German fast-charge corridor cleared: The EU gave green light to Germany’s planned cross-country EV charging network. The government in Berlin will pour 300m euros into the installation of 15,000 charging stations over four years. One third will be fast-charging stops funded with 200m euros. The tender process is open but stations must be publicly accessible and use energy from renewables. Funding is capped at 40 percent of the cost of installation., (all details, in German)

E-buses big in Luxembourg: ABB and Volvo expanded what could be called a European e-bus programme. Luxembourg’s capital has two charging stations operating on the OppCharge protocol. They supply five electric Volvo buses. The same system had been set-up in Bertrange recently.,

200 Tesla taxis in Dubai: Following this weeks launch in the UAE, the EV maker has secured its first, large order. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority procured 200 Tesla to serve in the Dubai Taxi Corporation. The EV maker said it would erect 50 more charging opportunities within this year. (fleet), (charger)

20 e-buses in California: 20 fuel cell buses by New Flyer shall roam the Golden State from next year. The Xcelsior XHE40 model have Ballard fuel cell stacks inside. Linde is to deliver H2 infrastructure.



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