France, Italy, OppCharge, Drive Electric Hawaii, Toyota.

Electric bus lines in France: Irizar e-mobility landed a contract to deliver 18 electric buses to Agglomeration of the Basque-Adour Coast in France. The 18m articulated buses comes with fast-charging plus slow charging at the depot. They will serve on two lines from 2019.

Italy, too, gets e-buses and these will be delivered by BYD. The Chinese manufacturer secured 10m euros for 19 coaches, which will start service next summer and run between the centre and the suburb of towns in the Piedmont region.

Interop ebus charging in Luxembourg: An OppCharge electric bus system with 12 Volvo hybrid buses and ABB charging infrastructure started in Bertrange. They will be used by bus operator Sales-Lentz but the OppCharge open interface secures access for other manufacturers as well.

Drive electric Hawaii is an initiative to foster e-mobility in the middle of the Pacific. Coalition forging and infrastructure are the chosen means of the eight partners. With 5,000 registered electric cars, Hawaii has the second highest EV density in the U.S. after California.

How does the i-Road do in Tokyo? A trial by Japan’s largest car-sharing service Park24 Co. and the transport ministry shall find out over one year. They reserved three spots for Toyota’s electric trike.


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