Feb 22, 2017 - 11:28 am

MAN, Techrules, Elextra, Falken.

MAN-eLKW-300x150MAN trials e-trucks: Commercial vehicle maker MAN issued its roadmap to electrification. From November 2017, electric trucks will serve nine partners in Austria on a daily basis. If this real life trial is successful, a small series may be made in Steyr from late 2018. Furthermore, MAN plans to present a pre-series electric bus that shall go into production by the end of 2019. Full series production of electric trucks will then likely follow in early 2021.

Turbine hyper EV to go serial: Chinese Techrules confirmed its turbine-recharged electric car (TREV) for Geneva and will this time show the production-ready version. The 768 kW GT 86 is said to have a 2,000 mile range thanks to its turbine Rex. Expect 25 units before the year’s end.

Another electric supercar is headed for the Swiss show. All that is known of Elextra is its stated aim to make the 0 – 100 km in less than 3 sec and that it takes inspiration from “Italian supercars of the past.” Danish entrepreneur Poul Sohl and Swiss designer Robert Palm are looking for investors.
motor1.com, elextracars.com

EV tyre: It will be the first appearance of Sumitomo brand Falken in Geneva and they bring a tyre made for electric and race cars to the show. The Ecorun A-A will go on sale Europe later this year and makes use of Advanced 4D Nano Design.


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