Mar 20, 2017 - 10:47 am

Lewis Horne, Jim Burrell.

Lewis-Horne“If you want to make a car and call it sustainable, it’s not enough to just switch out a gas powered motor with a battery powered one.”

Says Lewis Horne, founder of Swedish start-up Uniti, which designed a compostable EV from the ground up. The company reportedly scored a deal with Siemens to mass produce their electric car within the decade.

Jim-Burrell“This is a long-term vision to make sustainable, electrified vehicles – true volume vehicles for Honda.”

Jim Burrell, assistant VP for American Honda Environmental Business Development, on the firm’s electric strategy that will see Honda electrify two third of its entire line-up by 2025 (in Europe) and 2030 globally (we reported).


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