Mar 28, 2017 - 08:36 am

Japan Post, Honda, Charge Your Car, DSV Sweden, New Zealand.

Emission-free mail delivery in Nippon: Japan Post and Honda signed a letter of intent as they seek to introduce electric motorcycles for postal deliveries as an alternative to the current gasoline-powered ones. Besides the testing of EVs, they also want to integrate charging stations at post offices, first for their own use and then for the public to use at a later date.,

Pay and charge: UK’s EV charge point network Charge Your Car (CYC) is about to introduce a connection fee in England and Wales. For each charge one pound becomes due. The fee will be implemented from the 1st May 2017, the company stated in an email.

Trial period for hybrid truck: Logistics service provider DSV Sweden is testing a Mercedes Benz Atego Hybrid truck in Malmö. The truck is a hybrid using electricity and the biofuel HVO 100. After a six-month test period of deliveries in Malmö city traffic, the project will be evaluated.

Fast development: More than 3,000 EVs are registered in New Zealand. Half of them (1,513 electric vehicles) were only added last year and the trend points further upwards. 2017 already saw 517 newly registered EVs on the islands.

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