Hiroto Saikawa, Lewis Horne

Hiroto-Saikawa“In Japan, already our 30 kWh [battery] is almost erasing anxiety. The new Leaf coming will almost completely kill anxiety for specific countries — Japan and a major part of Europe. I’m sure in one or two years, it is going to erase anxiety in the most difficult one: the U.S.”

Nissan Motor’s new CEO Hiroto Saikawa continues the confidence regularly exuded by Carlos Ghosn and hopes to transfer it to the Leaf’s main markets at the same time.

Lewis-Horne“When people sell electric cars, the motivation is sustainability. So, why are they so heavy, and why are they the same cars?”

A good question, posed by Lewis Horne, CEO of Swedish Uniti. The start-up’s EV is made from recyclable materials and recently convinced Siemens to take care of its mass production.



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