Anne Smart, Lance Bradley.

Anne-Smart“This is a business plan allowing the largest automaker in the world to inject itself in California’s EV charging market and profit from its wrongdoing.”

Anne Smart, ChargePoint’s VP of public policy, on Volkswagen’s penalty to install EV charging in California. Other than being a competitor, Smart has a point as VW’s subsidiary Electrify America is allowed to profit from charging fees. While the plans still have to be approved by CARB and EPA, the first draft already lacks in infrastructure for disadvantaged communities.

Lance-Bradley“It’s poorly thought through. It’s not very difficult to have an EV policy, but the new VED charging is muddled.”

Mitsubishi UK boss Lance Bradley has accused the UK government of not having “a clear and consistent plan” for EVs, especially when it comes to the new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) that places the Outlander PHEV on par with a Range Rover SDV8.


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