Fuel Cell Stacks, PSA, Paul Scherrer Institute, NREL.

Scaling up fuel cell production: EU Digiman programme wants to fully automate mass production of fuel cell stacks for the car industry. Headed by fuel cell manufacturer Intelligent Energy, the 3.5m euro project shall provide a blueprint for a robust platform designed to deliver more than 50,000 fuel cell stacks annually by 2020. Toyota is the project’s automotive partner.
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GridMotion-PSA-EnelPSA initiates field trial: The French group kicked-off the research project GridMotion together with Direct Energie, Enel, Nuvve, Proxiserve and the Technical University of Denmark. They aim to explore potential energy savings by implementing smart charging and discharging strategies for real-life EVs. Thus, the project team is still looking for participants, who live in France and drive a Peugeot or Citroën with construction date January 2015 or younger.

Slowing battery ageing: Based on X-rays, scientists of the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute show how lithium-sulfur compounds change within a Li-S-battery and lower its capacity. But once they added quartz powder the battery’s performance improved by 25 to 30%.
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An exclusive license agreement was forged by the NREL and Forge Nano, in order to commercialise its patented Li-ion battery materials and systems for high-stress environments. The tech bases on the encapsulation of materials with solid electrolyte coatings.


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