Toyota, Fisker, AEro1, Canada.

Toyota invention: Mini wind turbines could soon co-power Toyota’s electric vehicles a patent shows. The system comprises of wind turbine, an air inlet, air channels, an air outlet, and a generator that converts the kinetic energy to electric power to be stored in the battery. The mini rotors could generate enough energy to power integral and auxiliary systems such as air conditioning.

Fisker-EMotionNo Graphen battery: Henrik Fisker just took away excitement for the Emotion, saying it would not be delivered with the expected Graphen battery but with conventional NMC (Li-ion) chemistry. He upheld the promised range of 400 miles though. (Henrik Fisker),

Taking flight: Solar Impulse giver André Borschberg’s latest adventure is moving forward as H55 presents its first electric airplane. Made for aerobatics, the AEro1 is already airborne and currently being tested at Sion Airport in the Rhone valley. It seats one and serves as technology demonstrator., video

Cold proved shuttle: A consortium in Canada agreed to develop an autonomous electric shuttle specifically designed with Canadian winters in mind. Partners include FPInnovations, ABB, Ericsson Canada, Motrec International and Technoparc Montréal. The latter will test the EV on its campus first.


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