Mar 18, 2019 - 02:14 pm

Fisker presents electric SUV under $40,000

U.S. carmaker Fisker has revealed a preview of their announced electric model for the mass market, which is expected to cost less than 40,000 dollars (net). The market launch of the electric SUV with a 300 mile range (approx. 483 km) is planned for the second half of 2021.

Oct 23, 2018 - 03:12 pm

Fisker receives investment from Caterpillar

It is an unlikely pairing, an electric sports carmaker coming together with a heavy machinery manufacturer. Yet, Fisker announced that it received an investment from Caterpillar. The latter want to use Fisker’s future solid-state battery technology once it materialises.



May 14, 2018 - 04:39 pm

Fisker to use solid-state batteries from 2020 (video)

Fisker had been working on their comeback for some time and had got the industry talking when they first announced their EMotion would utilise solid-state batteries before later backing off, saying they’d resort to Li-ion cells by LG Chem. Now the story took another turn, this time on the executive level.



Jan 6, 2018 - 10:43 am

Fisker EMotion to debut at CES in Las Vegas

Fisker will take the wraps off its electric-powered luxury model at January, 9th, at CES. Ahead of the presentation, the company is showing now new teaser photos that are focussing on the so far quite unknown wing door concept of the car.

Jul 21, 2017 - 08:01 am

Geely, Schaeffler, Hyundai-Kia, BMW, Nissan, Fisker.

Lynk-Co-SUV-300x150Geely, Volvo and Lynk&Co are about to establish a standalone EV technology JV in order to mutually benefit from synergies and economies of scale. In a MoU, all three agreed to share vehicle architecture and engines via cross licensing arrangements of technologies managed by the joint venture. Its headquarter will be in China with a subsidiary set in Swedish Gothenburg. Also, Volvo is about to take a significant minority stake in Lynk & Co given that they will share technology anyway.
electriccarsreport.com, volvocars.com

Schaeffler restructures its business as well to accommodate for what it calls “key opportunities for the future.” Electric mobility is to play a crucial role and will form its own division within automotive. Apart from concentrating all hybrid and electric vehicle activities in one unit beginning by 2018, Schaeffler also plans to set up a competence centre for all things electric in China. Meanwhile, the supplier has received eight series contracts for electric axles and hybrid modules from different clients worldwide. Automotive CEO Matthias Zink believes, “the sales potential of these contracts amounts to over one billion euros.”

Hyundai-Kia to double EV production: Once the all-electric variants of both the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro will go on sale early next year, the Korean alliance hopes to double its EV sales. In numbers that means 13,000 E-Kona and 12,000 E-Niro a year.

Battery upgrade for BMW i3? 120 Ah has been named as the next threshold by the BMW blog just a year after the carmaker introduced its i3 with a 94 Ah power pack. The new cells with 120 Ah could enter the electric line-up from 2018 and are said to increase the range by another 60 percent. It is currently about 200 km in real life.

One pedal for all: Nissan continues the tease for the next-gen Leaf with yet another feature that takes electric driving most seriously. The e-Pedal essentially does away with the clutch and brake as it enables full control over stop and go and fast and slow. Nissan claims that its release would bring the Leaf to a halt even on steep hills and that it will be enough to tap the lever again to reengage the electric drive. Those however that prefer to trust their long trained two-pedal instinct have the option to switch the e-Pedal off entirely, meaning there is a brake installed still.
youtube.com, autoblog.com, electrek.co

Fisker battery details: The luxury brand disappointed when it cancelled the expected graphen-based battery for now. Instead, Fisker opted for Li-ion batteries and claims a range of 640 km. The cylindrical cells stem from LG Chem (21700) and work with NCM chemistry. Tesla’s Model 3 uses the same format.
insideevs.com, electrek.co

Jul 3, 2017 - 08:22 am

SF Motors, Fisker, Nissan, BMW i, Mahindra, Volvo.

Redemption of sorts: The Hummer gives way to electric cars and where AM General once made that quasi-tanks for “civilians” like Arnold Schwarzenegger, SF Motors is to take over. The subsidiary of Chongqing Sokon Industry Group bought the plant in South Bend, Indiana for 110m dollars and will keep on most of the 400+ strong workforce as well. It is the third acquisition in the States for the Chinese firm after it also set up shop in California as well as Michigan (we reported). While SF Motors is advised by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard, an actual electric vehicle has yet to emerge.

Fisker-EMotionFisker has opened the order books online in the meantime and 2,000 dollars guarantee a reservation. Careful though, real prices start from 129,500 dollars so the cap at two reservations per person seem a bit of a luxury problem. The EMotion’s official presentation is set on August, 17 and a new video allows for a detailed preview.
carscoops.com, fiskerinc.com, vimeo.com (video)

Nissan blows the cover of its new Leaf and has confirmed the date for its official launch: September, 5 or 6 considering the time difference to Japan. A new image emerged to tease the occasion, this time showing a blue grille and some chrome but mostly the Nissan badge.
autoblog.com, motorauthority.com

Manufacturing network: BMW i Ventures took a stake in Xometry, an on-demand platform for product designers, engineers and procurement managers to find production facilities nationwide. Launched in 2014, the start-up now claims to have 5,000 customers.

Electric SUV by Mahindra: The Indian carmaker is working on a production version of its XUV Aero concept, following positive reception at various shows earlier this year. A near-to-production model can be expected at Auto Expo 2018 with market entry set for later that year or early 2019.
ibtimes.co.in, drivespark.com

Gaming got serious as Volvo Cars and Swedish supplier Autoliv cooperate with Nvidia, known for its graphics technology in computer games. The U.S. firm shall now turn that expertise into AI-based software for self-driving vehicles, which Volvo plans to introduce by 2021.

Jun 15, 2017 - 07:42 am

Toyota, Fisker, AEro1, Canada.

Toyota invention: Mini wind turbines could soon co-power Toyota’s electric vehicles a patent shows. The system comprises of wind turbine, an air inlet, air channels, an air outlet, and a generator that converts the kinetic energy to electric power to be stored in the battery. The mini rotors could generate enough energy to power integral and auxiliary systems such as air conditioning.

Fisker-EMotionNo Graphen battery: Henrik Fisker just took away excitement for the Emotion, saying it would not be delivered with the expected Graphen battery but with conventional NMC (Li-ion) chemistry. He upheld the promised range of 400 miles though.
facebook.com (Henrik Fisker), greencarreports.com

Taking flight: Solar Impulse giver André Borschberg’s latest adventure is moving forward as H55 presents its first electric airplane. Made for aerobatics, the AEro1 is already airborne and currently being tested at Sion Airport in the Rhone valley. It seats one and serves as technology demonstrator.
swissinfo.ch, video

Cold proved shuttle: A consortium in Canada agreed to develop an autonomous electric shuttle specifically designed with Canadian winters in mind. Partners include FPInnovations, ABB, Ericsson Canada, Motrec International and Technoparc Montréal. The latter will test the EV on its campus first.

Jun 8, 2017 - 07:41 am

Tesla Model Y, Fisker, Hyundai, Kia, California.

Tesla-Model-Y-TeaserFirst Model Y teaser: At its Annual Shareholder Meeting, Tesla has allowed a first glance at its Model Y by publishing an image that hides more than it reveals as usual. Still, Elon Musk confirmed at this occasion that their up-coming compact crossover will not be based on the Model 3, but bear its own platform and that sales shall start by 2019. The EV maker expects demand for the Model Y to be even higher than for the Model 3.
electrek.co, teslarati.com

Luxury EV for luxury price: The Fisker Emotion is going to hit the stores in 2019 with prices starting at 129,900 US dollars. Pre-ordering will be possible from 30th of June. Besides these new details, the carmaker also unveiled new images. Technically, the luxury EV shall reach 640 km thanks to an innovative graphen-based energy storage system and is claimed to charge extraordinary fast through Fisker’s proprietary ‘UltraCharger’.
techcrunch.com, theverge.com, insideevs.com

Hyundai to increase EV production: The Koreans intend to increase the production of its Ioniq Electric from 1,200 to 1,800 cars monthly. Currently, clients have to wait 4 – 5 months. Half of the Ioniq production shall address the home market, half is to go abroad.

Outline of Kia’s Stonic: The Korean manufacturer has revealed first outlines of its compact crossover Stonic that is to be officially presented at the IAA and to hit the road before the year’s end. As reported, a fully electrified SUV version is part of the plan.
carscoops.com, europe.autonews.com

Climate deal between CA and China: Irrespective Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord, representatives of California and China entered an agreement to work closer together for developing green tech. The MoU includes sectors like renewable energy as well as zero-emission vehicles, energy storage or grid modernisation.

Climbing Tesla insurance rates: AAA wants to increase rates for Model S and Model X owners by up to 30 percent. The insurer detected higher claim frequencies and costlier claims compared to other vehicles. Tesla called the analysis “flawed”.
autonews.com, insideevs.com, greencarreports.com

Apr 26, 2017 - 11:43 am

Fisker, Future Mobility, GM, Tesla, Conti, Daimler.

Fisker-EMotion-RearFisker unveils luxury sedan in August: Henrik Fisker published first pictures of his EV Fisker EMotion at the end of last year, saying it would rely on graphene-based batteries with a range of 400 miles. Now the company has specified the date for presentation, namely the 17th of August.
carscoops.com, electrek.co

Another Tesla challenger comes from Chinese EV start-up Future Mobility, which is supported by Foxconn as well as Tencent and led by former BMW-i-Manager Carsten Breitfeld. It has set the launch of its first concept vehicle for the second half of 2017. The mid-size SUV with a range of 500 km is to roll off the lines in 2019 and be priced between 300,000 and 400,000 Yuan (40,000 to 53,000 euros).

GM presents Chinese Volt: The Buick Velite 5, basically a version of the Chevy Volt with range extender for the Chinese market, has found the spotlights of the Shanghai show. The electric range is 116 km according to local standards and prices start at 265,800 Yuan (38,600 dollars).
greencarcongress.com, carscoops.com

Tesla with risky production strategy: In order to win time, Tesla intends to skip the limited production phase using lower grade equipment, Reuters has learnt. Instead, CEO Elon Musk intends to start mass production of its Model 3 directly with final equipment, ignoring approved car industry standards.

Conti to invest in EV tech: Until 2021, the car supplier wants to boost its electric drive division with additional 300m euros. With this strategy the company hopes to increase the turnover in this unit from today 130m to then 1bn euros and to further push to up to 2bn by 2025. This anticipated sales growth shall “more than compensate” the expected decrease of business for conventional cars.
europe.autonews.com, continental-corporation.com

Daimler energy storage for homeowners: The car manufacturer sold its first energy storage units for residential use and still has a long list of pre-orders to handle. As reported, Daimler subsidiary Accumotive is currently installing a second battery production facility at its site in Kamenz.
electriccarsreport.com, media.daimler.com

Mar 31, 2017 - 08:42 am

Hyundai, Foxconn, CATL, Mahindra, Italian Volt, Tesla, Fisker.

Hyundai-Ioniq-electric-300Hyundai dedicates to EVs: The South Korean carmaker is working on a platform for electric vehicles only, Reuters reports quoting Lee Ki-sang, who leads Hyundai-Kia’s eco car operations. Lee named Tesla’s success and stricter regulations as reason for Hyundai to build the new architecture that will allow for batteries situated in car floors. While the dedicated EVs will take some time, both Hyundai as well as Kia plan to launch compact electric SUVs next year, namely the Kia Niro and an unknown Hyundai model.

Foxconn funds CATL with 1.4bn USD: Market leading ambitions of Chinese battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) have just received new fuel from iPhone maker Foxconn, that invested 1.4bn dollars in the firm, which overtook LG Chem in battery production last year. CATL already delivers powerpacks for the BMW X1 xDrive25Le and has opened new offices in both Berlin and Munich. Internationally, it counts PSA and NEVS to its customers and also holds shares of Finnish Valmet Automotive. Reportedly, CATL seeks to expand annual production capacity to 50GWh by 2020 and Foxconn considers its latest investment “long-term.”
taiwannews.com.tw (Foxconn), automobilwoche.de (Germany, in German)

Indian high-end EVs for export: Mahindra and its South Korean business side SsangYong plan to build “High End” electric cars on a new shared platform. The EV are destined for sale in China and the States starting from 2019 and the companies earmarked a billion dollars for their joint development.

Italian Volt(s): Milanese motorcycle maker Italian Volt has come out with a customisable electric bike thanks to 3D-printed parts. The Lacama’s 70kW propel it from zero to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds but more importantly, the e-motorcycle can be charged to 80% in just 40 minutes for 180 km in eco mode. Pre-orders will open in autumn but prices may be as high as 35,000 euros.
3ders.org, flatoutmag.co.uk

Autosteer at 130 kph: Tesla is rolling out software update 8.1 around the world for Model S and X with Autopilot 2.0 hardware. Respectively, the update focuses on autonomous driving functionality like raising the speed limit for Autosteer to 130 kph (80mph) up from 80 kph (55mph).
electrek.co, teslarati.com (with video)

Fisker outsources service: The Hybrid Shop is specialised in hybrid and electric vehicles and is now Fisker’s chosen customer service partner. The partnership will expand a network of 36 existing service centres in North America to more than 300 in the States and the rest of the world by 2019.

Dec 13, 2016 - 09:02 am

Lucid Motors, Fisker, energy fund, Xiaomi, Rivian Automotive, Tesla.

Lucid Motors update: The carmaker will take the wraps of its first and all-electric model with an output of 735 kW tomorrow (Wednesday), as well as the planned 100 or 130 kWh battery packs by Samsung. The latter will allow for a range of 480 and 640 kilometres. The EV can be bought through a direct-to-consumer model similar to Tesla stores. Lucid plans to sell 10,000 units per year.
autonews.com, insideevs.com

Fisker-EMotion-RearNew photo of Fisker EMotion: Following teaser photos showing the front, designer and eponym Henrik Fisker gives a glimpse at his EV’s rear design. And it really is a nice-looking car, said to launch next year. An innovative graphene-based battery is said to allow the EMotion to go 400 miles on one charge.

Funding energy and transportation innovation: A group of the well to do, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, are backing a 1bn dollar energy fund. Over the next 20 years, the money will be used to fund risky pilot schemes and technology projects that help reduce carbon emissions, such as energy storage or innovative ideas in the field of transportation.

Affordable electric scooter: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is extending its two-wheeled product portfolio. Its newest addition, the Mi Electric Scooter, is a foldable, electric scooter with a top speed of 25 kph and 30 kilometre range. The price has been set at 290 dollars.

Rivian to join EV production circle? Michigan-based manufacturer Rivian Automotive wants to invest up to 175m dollars in a former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois, by 2024. According to insiders, the company wants to build an electric car with autonomous features. The plant is said to re-open its doors in about five years.

Biggest Tesla store in Europe: The carmaker opened its newest location in Western London last Friday. Located at a busy roundabout, it provides much space to promote the Model S and Model X, as well as the newest additions to the company’s energy branch.

Nov 2, 2016 - 08:29 am

Fisker, Future Mobility, Guangzhou Auto, Renault, Bentley, Tesla.

Fisker-EMotionFisker reloaded: EMotion is the name Henrik Fisker chose for his new electric model. It has been unveiled in full and is said to feature graphene-based batteries with a 400 mile range. They have been developed by Nanotech, Fisker Inc’s power pack division. The electric car is aggressively styled from the outside but the designer promises the interior to provide legroom comparable to that of a luxury sedan – like Tesla. Launch is set for 2017.
autocar.co.uk, electrek.co, insideevs.com

Future Mobility to come true: Tencent’s EV unit will invest 1.9bn dollars into a facility in China to make 300,000 electric cars and batteries a year. A schedule has not been given but with Foxconn as a backer as well as BMW i8 designer Carsten Breitfeld it is likely Future Mobility will succeed.

Further future mobility: Guangzhou Auto plans to invest in its new energy vehicle business and thus seeks to sell up to 15bn yuan (2.2bn dollars) worth of shares. State-owned GAC said the proceeds would be used in 10 projects, with nearly 1/3 of the funds to be spent on R&D.

New Zoe for UK: Renault’s best-selling electric car and its latest 41 kWh battery can be ordered on the Isles now. Prices start at 17,845 GBP after incentives and deliveries will begin in January.

has to be_beENERGISED_var1_EN

Next-gen Bentley: Two Bentley Continental prototypes were caught on camera cruising around the Nurburgring. The new model will also be introduced as plug-in hybrid variant reportedly.

Tuning Teslas Model X: There is a tuning kit for Tesla’s SUV on display at SEMA. It comes from Unplugged Performance, which already restyled the Model S inside-out.

Oct 26, 2016 - 07:56 am

BYD, Audi, Fisker, Tern, Volkswagen.

BYD-C9BYD readies to build electric trucks at its U.S. factory. Phase 2 of the expansion has just begun and will be completed next year. Apart from electric coaches, the plant will then manufacture electric trucks for which BYD has already taken orders, it said. Phase three will see BYD triple its workforce.

Audi revamps A3: The German carmaker will offer the latest A3 IV from 2018 and this time the line up includes a cabrio, the A3 Sportcoupé. Part of the motor variants is the plug-in hybrid which has been further developed. In the U.S., the five door hatchback will only be available as PHEV.
autobild.de (in German), autoevolution.com (USA)

Fisker upfront: The designer has released another teaser of the sports car to be presented this week. The new image shows the front of the Fisker with adaptable lights looking like a snake’s eyes. Fisker also said both radar and camera are integrated.
insideevs.com, carscoops.com, autoblog.com

has to be_beENERGISED_var2_EN

Foldable Bosch e-bike: Taiwanese Tern presented the Vektron eBike with Bosch pedelec motor. The battery sits behind the seat post, enabling a neat fold. Yet, the bike weighs 22 kilos – a lot to carry. In the States, the electric folder is offered for 3,100 dollars.

It’s a first: The Volkswagen Sustainability Council held its inaugural session. It comprises nine members and chose Georg Kell, Director UN Global Compact, as its chair. VW pledged 20m euros for two years to fund projects to reduce CO2 emissions. The council will convene with VW’s board on e-mobility and other transformative issues regularly.

Oct 18, 2016 - 08:13 am

Apple, Fisker, Toyota, Workhorse.

Internal deadline for Apple car: Apple executives are allegedly upping the pressure on Project Titan, giving engineers until the end of next year to show that they can develop an autonomous driving system. Only then will Apple decide whether to use it in its own car or form a partnership with a car company.

Fisker bets on supercaps: As reported, the carmaker wants to celebrate its comeback next year, introducing a premium EV with 650 km range. Instead of Li-ion batteries, Fisker seems to use graphene supercapacitors that can only be produced at a low price, due an in-house developed technology.

Toyota claims WEC home win: After two years without a win, the Toyota racer TS050 Hybrid was able to overtake the competition from Germany during the 6 Hours of Fuji of the World Endurance Championship on Sunday. The team Sarrazin/Conway/Kobajashi managed to finish the race just 1.4 seconds faster than team Audi.
autoweek.com, gtspirit.com

Extra range from Germany: The Workhorse Group and BMW i have signed a multiple-year supply agreement. BMW will thus deliver i3 range extender technology to be used for electric Workhorse delivery trucks E-Gen.
truckinginfo.com, nasdaq.com

Oct 6, 2016 - 07:55 am

Formula E, Fisker.

Reading tip: The third season of the Formula E will kick off next weekend. For everyone who got lost in countless news surrounding the all-electric racing series in the past weeks – here is an overview of teams and drivers for the new season.

Click tip: Actually Henrik Fisker said that he would not show any images or even give a hint as to what his new premium EV would look like (we reported yesterday). But now first drawings for the new Fisker EV have surfaced nonetheless.

Oct 5, 2016 - 09:29 am

Fisker, Geely, Toyota, Romania, Subaru, Audi.

Henrik Fisker plugs in – again: Following the bust of his Fisker Karma, the automotive designer wants to try his luck with his new company Fisker Inc., and will present an all-electric premium car in second half of 2017. Thanks to a newly developed battery pack, range is set at 650 km. A more affordable EV will follow, and is also said to offer more range than competitors.

Geely brand for hybrids? According to Forbes, the Chinese manufacturer wants to launch an “affordable premium” brand for cars with hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology in Europe and the U.S. Details will be released in the coming weeks.

Prius Prime priced: The plug-in hybrid version of Toyota’s best-seller will start from 27,950 dollars including delivery fees. And U.S. buyers also qualify for a 4,500 dollar rebate. Green Car Reports already took the new model for a spin and hails Toyota’s choice to programme the PHEV so that it will run on battery-power only, if there is any charge left.
insideevs.com, autoblog.com, greencarreports.com (test drive)

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Inexpensive EV from Romania: A Belgian investor wants to start producing small electric cars in Romania from spring 2017. A first prototype was now presented. The three-wheeled EV seats two, weighs 150 kg and is said to run 100 km on one charge.
digi24.ro (in Romanian with video) via romania-insider.com

Out for Crosstek Hybrid: Subaru will stop offering the hybrid variant of its XV Crosstek from next year, as demand has just been too low. And it’s not surprising. The standard Crosstek actually offered a better mpg rating in the city and the same on the motorway, as the hybrid variant. Only the latter was almost 5,000 dollars more expensive.
autoblog.com, carsdirect.com

Audi opens Mexico facility: The carmaker has opened the production plant for it Q5 in Mexico, where it will also produce the hybrid variant of the SUV. Contrary to earlier rumours, a fully electric version is not planned for now.

Jun 28, 2016 - 08:07 am

Haibike, Fisker.

Reading tip: This is probably the most exclusive Haibike e-bike to date as it has been designed together with Audi. 100 pieces of the e-tron eMTB will be available for eye-watering 15,300 euros each. While some bike components differ, its resemblance to Haibike’s XDuro carbon pedelec remains striking.

Click tip: The first Fisker prototype has rolled off the line in California, pictures reveal. The Fisker is now called Karma Revero and owner Wanxiang plans to build and sell around 150 units in 2017.

Apr 27, 2016 - 08:37 am

Fisker, Tesla, LeEco, LDV, Ford, Audi, Mahindra.

New Karma: EV manufacturer Fisker has been officially reborn under the name Karma Automotive. The company, now owned by Wanxiang Group, has moved production tools and equipment to Finland and will be selling their vehicle under the name Revero later this year. The Revero will use BMW technology, as reported.
wsj.com, autoblog.com

Tesla teaser: Tesla posted a teaser with the “keep it 100” emoji on its Facebook page, making many suspect that the EV maker is getting ready to release its 100 kWh battery option. Rumours on the matter have been circulating for a while. Meanwhile, the recently refreshed Model S 90D Tesla has been rated as having a range of 303.2 miles.
electrek.com (100 kWh), insidedevs.com (Model S)

CEO switch: Zhang Hailiang, former CEO of SAIC Volkswagen, has been named CEO and COO of LeEco Auto. Hailing started at Volkswagen back in 1994, taking the reigns as CEO in 2007 and became the youngest vice president of SAIC in 2014.

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ZSW_UECT 2016Leading experts from industry, including BMW, Daimler, Honda, Porsche, Samsung, Tesla, and Varta, will meet the global science community at 15. UlmElectroChemicalTalks (UECT). Join the conference and discuss important aspects for safety and lifetime of batteries and fuel cells in daily life products on July 20th and 21th in Blaubeuren near Ulm. www.uect.de

E-Van: LDV, newly backed by SAIC Maxus, revealed their EV80 panel van at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham. The car is a fully electric version of the V80 panel van and is fitted with a battery with up to 75 kWh. It’s claimed to provide over 180 miles of range, though real-world estimates are more around 100 miles.

Ford expands: Ford plans to expand their alternative fuel vehicles line-up in China, saying they will “have hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electrics.” The rollout will begin later this year with the launch of the hybridized Mondeo. Audi also plans to sell the A6L e-tron plug-in hybrid exclusively in China, followed by the Q7 e-tron in 2017.
autonews.com (Ford), chinadaily.com (Audi)

e20 in review: Autocar expects that the Mahindra e20 will step in to replace the G-Wiz electric city car, and they’ve written a thorough how-to and review. Both models, the City and the fully loaded TechX, were found to be safe, but only “adequate” and lacking speed and bite.

Aug 14, 2015 - 08:40 am

Tesla, Volkswagen, Fisker, Toyota, Transport Malta.

Tesla wants to raise 500 million dollars in equity, saying it may even get 566.5 million if underwriters fully exercise their option to buy new shares. The EV maker will put 2.1 million additional shares up for grabs to finance the Gigafactory and Model 3. Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to buy shares worth 20m dollars himself.
bloomberg.com, forbes.com

VW updates: Volkswagen intends to issue the Tiguan as coupé by 2018, and also as PHEV variant, Autocar reports. Meanwhile, the Phaeton PHEV is delayed, says German WirtschaftsWoche. VW brand boss Herbert Diess believes the Phaeton first needs some pimping in order to compete with the upcoming BMW 7 and will thus be issued later than April 2017.
autocar.co.uk (Tiguan), wiwo.de (Phaeton, in German)

fiskerThe New Fisker takes shape: The luxury carmaker has signed a 30-million dollar long-term lease for a 550,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Moreno Valley, California. Production might start already mid-2016 and the Wanxiang owned company says that it will employ up to 150 people at the plant.

Prius insights: New spy shots of the 4th generation Toyota hybrid offer a sneak peak inside the best-seller. The interior has been revamped and includes a pretty large infotainment screen.

Further funds to scrap: Transport Malta has added another 200,000 euros to its car scrappage scheme. The initially allocated 700,000 euros were used to purchase 892 vehicles. Furthermore, the incentive programme to buy electric cars and quads remains (we reported).

Jul 10, 2015 - 08:58 am

Kia, UK road tax, Fisker, Honda, Pipistrel.

Kia-Soul-EVKia goes West: The Kia Soul EV will go on sale in Oregon and Washington state, taking the cubist EV beyond California. 20 dealerships will start selling the electric car, while ten of them get fast charging stations on top. The remaining are required to install AC chargers and offer free charging to customers.
greencarreports.com, greencarcongress.com

Road tax reform: British drivers will face an increase in road tax unless they are driving a zero-emission vehicle. The biggest polluters will have to pay double (2,000 GBP) from April 2017, while low emission vehicles will still be charged 140 pounds a year. Time to switch to electric.
dailymail.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk

Fisker gets real: The New Fisker wants to starts production of the Karma successor by mid-2016 and already began hiring new employees for its California facility. Engineers are currently using old Karma vehicles to test improvements.

Discounted Honda hybrid: Honda will offer (unadvertised) buying incentives of up to 2,000 dollars for its CR-Z Hybrid Coupe in the U.S.. It can also be leased for 199 dollars per month for 36 months, with 2,699 dollars due at signing. The offer is good through the end of July.

The race to cross the English Channel electrically is on. Small electric aircraft maker Pipistrel – whose plane is powered by a Siemens engine – claims that it was ready to fly, but was asked by Siemens to refrain from doing so due to safety concerns. Or maybe it is because Airbus will attempt the same flight?

Jun 18, 2015 - 08:33 am

Bolloré & PSA, Fisker, Lifan & Alibaba, Gogoro, Mercedes-Benz.

Vincent-BolloreBolloré teams up with PSA: Bolloré is now working with Peugeot-Citroën to start building the BlueSummer convertible from this September at PSA’s Rennes facility. Up to 3,500 units are to be produced annually and will be offered for less than 20,000 euros at Citroën dealerships. Furthermore, Bolloré and PSA will also seek to promote car-sharing schemes. The deal with PSA complements one signed by Bolloré with Renault, which started to produce the Bluecar model this month (we reported).
europe.autonews.com, reuters.com

Fisker Karma update: Fisker has finally decided where to manufacture the Karma successor: in the Californian Moreno Valley. There, the first production facility on American soil is to come up for the PHEV, initially creating 150 jobs. However, a more detailed schedule has not been issued so far.
washingtontimes.com, pe.com, businesspress24.com

Alibaba to sell Lifan EVs: Chinese carmaker Lifan Auto now entered a strategic partnership with online retailer Alibaba. Among the 20 electric models with exchangeable batteries that Lifan plans, one electric small car will be dedicated exclusively to sales through the online portal.

Gogoro update: As expected, the manufacturer will start to deliver its electric smart scooter in Taiwan from July 25 for 128,000 Taiwan dollars (4,140 USD). A flat rate for battery swapping comes at 899 Taiwan dollars a month (29 USD). Already, there are 32 battery swap station in Taipeh and this number is to increase to 75 at the time of launch and to 150 by year’s end.

PHEV equality: In the U.S., Mercedes will offer its S550 plug-in hybrid for the same price as the petrol version. Both will start at 95,325 dollars. The luxurious Daimler is to become available in California this month with more states likely to follow soon.
greencarreports.com, carsdirect.com, mbusa.com

Mercedes C-Class PHEV review: John Voelcker had the chance to drive the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C 350e. Voelcker found the plug-in hybrid version of the C-Class pretty much driving as well as the S-Class PHEV and was particularly eager to get the most out of the electric mode.

May 6, 2015 - 08:31 am

Bentley, Hyundai, South Korea, Fisker, FDG, XL Hybrids.

Bentley-Plug-in-HybridBentley plans three plug-ins: New details on the brand’s electrification course have emerged, as Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer announced plans to triple the hybrid offering. After the introduction of the Bentayga PHEV in 2016, plug-in hybrid versions of the Continental and Mulsanne will follow.
focus.de (in German)

Hyundai iX35 on-sale on the Isles: The Korean FCV is now available in the UK. Pricing starts at 67,995 pounds, not taking into account the 15,000 GBP in subsidies granted by the European HyFive programme. The final price for the iX35 thus comes down to 53,105 GBP (about 72,000 dollars).
carbuyer.co.uk, transportevolved.com

South Korea charged up: Competitors are entering the Asian country, as Renault-Samsung says it would start offering the Twizy soon – details will follow in the next few weeks. Chevrolet too, has plans for Korea. GM wants to begin selling the new generation Volt from 2016.
koreaherald.com (Twizy), koreatimes.co.kr (Volt)

Fisker advances: There is movement on the new Fisker website, which had so far only featured graphic allusions of the upcoming Elux. Now, the new owners seem to remember the brand’s roots and offer advice and support to existing Karma owners online.
thenewfisker.com via transportevolved.com

FDG in the U.S.: FDG Electric Vehicles, a blend of American Smith Electric Vehicles and Chinese Sinopoly Battery, is taking another step into U.S. territory and will become the majority shareholder in a new joint venture with Smith that will further develop and market Smith’s electric trucks.

Hybrid Ford Transit: XL Hybrids has adapted its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System to retrofit the Ford Transit van. The XL3 Hybrid System is compatible with all Transit variants, while it adds only around 180 kg to the vehicle. It can be installed in about six hours.
greencarcongress.com, ngtnews.com

Apr 8, 2015 - 09:06 am

Nissan, BYD, Fisker, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla.

Nissan X-Trail hybrid: The Japanese carmaker has introduced its X-Trail as a hybrid version that is destined to hit the domestic market by next month. The hybrid system couples a 2.0-liter gasoline engine delivering 145 hp with a 30-kW electric motor.
greencarcongress.com, automotive-business-review.com

New plug-ins teased: BYD has released more images of its upcoming plug-in hybrids, the Song and Yuan (we reported). Meanwhile, Wanxiang started teasing the next Fisker Karma, which is allegedly to be offered under the new brand name Elux. So far, no more details have come out.
carnewschina.com (BYD), greencarreports.com (Fisker/Elux)

BMW in Shanghai: The German carmaker will make an electrifying appearance at the Auto Shanghai. The BMW X5 xDrive40e will debut as a plug-in hybrid series model and the BMW i-brand will present its services under the banner of 360° Electric, namely ChargeNow and Second Life batteries.
automotiveworld.com, greencarcongress.com

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Mercedes GLE pricing: Daimler has already issued prices for its just debuted M class successor GLE. The GLE 500 e 4Matic plug-in hybrid will be available from 73,899 euros incl. VAT (80,176 dollars). Deliveries will start this August in Germany.

BMW aims to nearly double sales of its i-series models in the States. While the i3 was sold 6,092 times last year, BMW is now approaching 12,000 i3s annually. Similarly, 1,000 BMW i8 are destined for the U.S. in 2015, where the plug-in hybrid found 555 buyers in 2014.

Tesla quarterly sales: An impressive 10,030 electric cars were delivered worldwide by Tesla in the first three months of this year. That represents a 55 percent increase over Q1 last year.
greencarreports.com, transportevolved.com, teslamotors.com

Feb 24, 2015 - 09:50 am

Fisker, Elux, Renault, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Volvo.

Fisker to become Elux: News agency Reuters quotes insider informations, saying that the Wanxiang Group wants to rename its Fisker-brand as Elux. Moreover, the (Elux) Karma will not be available until mid-2016, instead of later this year, as previously announced. And the hybrid sports car will sport a hefty price tag of 135,000 dollars, about one-fifth more than the original Fisker Karma. Where it will be built remains anyone’s guess – but according to Reuters, it will not be Finland.

Renault-Kangoo-ZE-PickUpE-Kangoo pick-up: Renault now offers a pick-up version of its Kangoo Z.E. via French company Kolle. This version can seat three in the front and can carry a payload of up to 650 kilos. Under the hood, everything stays the same, giving the pick-up truck version a range of up to 106 miles.
insideevs.com, kolle.fr, avere-france.org (in French)

3-Series update: German magazine Auto Bild brings us more details about the new BMW 3-Series, which will be unveiled at the IAA later this year. The Bavarian carmaker will offer hybrid variants with 60 and 90 kW electric motors, while the electric range will be between 50 and 100 kilometres, depending on the version. Moreover, buyers can choose their hybrid with a conductive or an inductive charging system.
autobild.de (in German)

Two Audi A4 hybrids? A Spanish automobile website says it has already taken a peek at the drivetrain technology for the upcoming Audi A4. According to them, two hybrid variants will be offered – one in combination with a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine and the other in combination with a 2.0 TDI diesel.
motor.es (in Spanish) via indianautosblog.com

Toyota takes wraps off new Auris: The carmaker will present its facelifted Auris at the Geneva Auto Show in a few days. On top of some touch-ups to the ex- and interior, the car will apparently also come with new engines. There will still be a hybrid version; more details are to follow in Geneva.
fleetnews.co.uk, puregreencars.com

Modified diesel-hybrid: Volvo announced the V60 D5 Twin Engine, a new version of the V60 plug-in, for the Geneva Auto Show next week. To mark the introduction of the new technology, which will not be offered in Germany, Volvo will build 500 units of a special and limited edition.
emobilitaetonline.de, autosieger.de (articles in German)

Nov 5, 2014 - 09:20 am

Seat, Toyota, Fisker & Quantum Fuel Systems, Dana Holding Corp.

A plug-in from Spain? According to Autoevolution, Seat is planning to introduce an SUV named “Prostyle” in 2016. It is said to be based on the IBX concept, which was presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and will most likely also be available with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Toyota bets on magnesium: The Japanese carmaker is working together with U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory to develop cathodes for rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries. Toyota sees the technology as a promising post-Li-ion solution.
bnl.gov, greencarcongress.com

Fisker comeback getting closer: Fisker Automotive officially signed Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies as the exclusive software development partner for the new Karma and Atlantic. Fisker will pay four million dollars for Quantum´s plug-in hybrid control software.
electriccarsreport.com, green.autoblog.com

Thermal management: Dana Holding Corporation has developed a new aluminum cooling technology for electric and hybrid vehicles to limit the maximum temperature of the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) junction. Production of the aluminum cooling plates is set to start in early 2015.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was Chinese company Zhuhai Yinlong Energy, that aims to lift its annual output of electric vehicles to 50,000 units by 2017 and 500,000 by 2022.

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Fisker, Jay Rogers.

anonym“It will have to be nearly identical to the 2012 model, or it would need to go through (safety) testing and certification again. I don’t think they want to put a lot of engineering into it either, as well as probably use up some of the old parts that are in inventory.”

Reuters quotes a Fisker insider who says Waxiang Group, which took over Fisker Automotive earlier this year, will bring out a new but very similar model of the Karma hybrid.

Jay-Rogers“Why would we stop at cars when we can do things that need structure, other kinds of vehicles… Boats, planes, satellites.”

For Jay Rogers, CEO of Local Motors, putting together an EV made of 3D-printed components was just the beginning.

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