Le Mans, Ballard, BioSolar, Autoneum.

Porsche-919-Hybrid-2016Accelerating times ahead: Le Mans will have new rules for its hybrid racers for the 2020 season, essentially turning them into proper plug-in hybrids. A pit stop thus must include a rapid battery refill but also each PHEV will need to run the first kilometres after the break all-electrically. On top of that, the LMP1 competitors must cross the finish line in electric mode as well.

Ballard to take flight: Ballard subsidiary Protonex has written an order from FlyH2 Aerospace, a developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial applications based in South Africa. It seeks to power its three UA Alpha flagships in the making with Protonex’ fuel cell propulsion system and FlyH2 gears for a 30 kilo utility aircraft with 9-hour flight endurance.

Bio battery: Californian BioSolar has come to an agreement with Top Battery from Korea. The latter will utilise BioSolar’s silicon alloy nanocomposite anode material in its Li-ion batteries. The material is said to deliver high capacity at low cost.

EV acoustics: Hybrid-Acoustics ECO+ is Autoneum’s is not to have EVs make noise but to drown out sounds previously covered by an engine’s hum such as fans and pumps. The noise and heat protection components include carpets made from a novel and environmentally-friendly fibre.


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