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Bosch, Tesla, Qualcomm, Michelin

Bosch pedelec innovations: 2018 sees Bosch eBike Systems with new inventions, the most groundbreaking being an ABS for electric bicycles and a 500 Wh frame-integrated battery called PowerTube. Furthermore, the Active Line receives an update that essentially makes for a finer tuned, that is less pushy pedal-assist and a 25 percent smaller motor size. On top, the Plus version will sit between the Active and Performance line in terms of peak power.

No 2170 cells for Model S and X: Production of the new 2170 format battery cells for Tesla’s Model 3 has started in the company’s Gigafactory 1, as announced. Rumours suggesting these cells could also be deployed in the Model S and X however, have been denied by Elon Musk immediately on Twitter, saying there are no plans to change these models’ cell format.

Qualcomm to invest in battery safety: Out of strategic reasons, tech company Qualcomm invests in U.S. based Amionx. The latter has patented a tech system called Safe Core that was developed through a project with the U.S. energy department. It prevents lithium-ion batteries from catching fire.
greencarcongress.com, qualcomm.com

Michelin’s envisions tyre future: With its concept called Visionary, Michelin presents the idea of an airless tyre born through a 3D printer. It shall be virtually connected to the driver and equipped with a biodegradable surface that can be renewed and adjusted through 3D printing.


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