Jul 3, 2017 - 08:19 am

Leeds, Queensland, eMotorWerks, Minnesota.

Electric cab charge: Leeds and neighbouring towns won a bid for 2m pounds in government funding to help install 88 dedicated taxi and private hire charge points. 33 shall be rapid chargers and Leeds will get £745,000 of the total grant through the ULEV Taxi Scheme. The vehicles however, must be acquired by the drivers and cab companies.

The world’s longest EV super highway in one state mark you, is about to unroll in Queensland, Australia, where the first fast-charging station has been inaugurated in Cairn. It forms the beginning of a network that will span from the Gold to the Far North coast and use will be free initially. The Queensland Electric Super Highway is a collaboration between Energy Queensland and several public offices.

Power combined: eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet Solar cloud platform lets owners of PV systems that also happen to have an EV, make the most of their own renewable energy via smart charging. The idea is to maximise self-consumption and thus increase energy savings.

Electric state fleet: 22 Chevy Bolt have joined the ranks of the Minnesota Administration, where the departments of health, education, pollution control, and transportation will use them.


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03.07.2017 08:47