Jul 5, 2017 - 08:15 am

Elaphe Propulsion, Bosch, Tsinghua University, Hyster.

Elaphe-L1500Performance in-wheel motor: Elaphe Propulsion Technologies mounted the wheels of a BMW X6 with four L1500 gearless electric motors and claims the demonstrator to be the highest-performing in-wheel-powered car ever. Well, it is indeed said to deliver over 440 kW of power, and so the 2.4 t vehicle can get up to a 100 kph in under 4.9 seconds. The EU trusted Elaphe with 1m euros recently to bring their technology closer to mass production.

Bosch gears for growth in its mobility division in particular that includes safety systems and sensors for customers like Tesla, Google, and traditional carmakers of course. While Mobility Solutions made 43.9bn euros in sales last year, a 60 percent increase is on the radar in 2017. As Bosch also enters services like scooter sharing and ride hailing, its head count is to grow by 4,000 people.
reuters.com, autonews.com

Self-healing cathode: Researchers at China’s Tsinghua University have developed a self-healing sulfur microparticle (SMiP) cathode. It mimicks fibrinolysis, a biological self-healing process, and shows almost no decay after 2,000 cycles at a high sulfur loading.

Electric container handling: As harbours from Hamburg over Barcelona and even in SoCal electrify their operations, forklift maker Hyster Europe is about to test an electric laden container handling truck. The company is also looking at fuel cells.


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