Jul 17, 2017

Rheinmetall, Boreas, Electrovaya, Japan.

Electric drive and battery system by Rheinmetall: The German car supplier has announced to put a 90 kW electric drive unit and a modular battery pack on display at this year’s IAA edition in September. Both systems are currently installed in a demonstration vehicle built around a sub-compact car. With the new electric drive, the vehicle is said to reach 135 kph and a range of up to 275 km.
automotiveworld.com, rheinmetall.com

Plug-in hyper car from Spain: DSD Design & Motorsport has developed a prototype of a hybrid super sports car called Boreas. The PHEV comes with 1,000 hp all-wheel drive and an electric range of 100 km. In less than 3 seconds the hypercar shall accelerate from 0 to 100 kph with top speed at 378 kph. However, only 12 units are going to roll off the lines.
paultan.org, carscoops.com

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Follow-up order brings Electrovaya 1m euros from a European OEM that does not want to be named. Electrovaya is based in Canada and produces cells, electrodes and ceramic separators through its subsidiary Litarion. The company’s manufacturing capacity is about 500 MWh per year.

H2 supply chain complete: In Japan, all facilities for a low-carbon hydrogen supply chain announced back in 2015 have been completed. The system will use H2 produced from renewable energy in facilities along Tokyo Bay to power 12 fuel cell forklifts. The project is now in full-scale operation. Participating partners are Toyota, Toshiba among others as well as the local government.

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