GS Yuasa, Hyundai, Battery Chargers, Greenwich.

Same price, but twice the range? In 2020, Japanese battery specialist GS Yuasa wants to start serial production of new li-ion batteries that shall enable compact EVs to double their range. Their price is supposed to stay at the level of today’s battery prices. The cells are to be produced by Lithium Energy Japan, a JV of GS Yuasa and Mitsubishi, and to be offered to OEMs in Japan and Europe.

Hyundai subsidiary to open FC plant: In its new factory in Chungju, South Korean car supplier Hyundai Mobis is about to serial produce components for FCVs. According to the company, the annual output shall reach up to 3,000 powertrain fuel-cell complete (PFC) modules. Production kick-off is scheduled for September. As reported, Hyundai plans to launch a new H2 electric vehicle with 580 km range as early as next year.

More efficient EV battery chargers: In the frame of a 2-year project, U.S. scientists have done research on how to make EV battery chargers more compact and efficient. Their result are two prototypes – one with GaN transistors and the other with SiC transistors. Both consist of a 7.2kW single-phase 240 VAC to 400 VDC power converter.

Autonomous pods around Greenwich: As part of UK’s Gateway project driverless electric pods will be tested at the Greenwich peninsula in London in autumn. After a first public test in April, this project represents now the next trial phase, focussing on first and last mile transportation by connecting transport hubs with business, leisure and residential locations. The trial is one of several automated vehicle tests within the Gateway project, investigating public acceptance of automated vehicles within urban areas.


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