Sep 1, 2017 - 09:57 am

ChargePoint Services, London, Tesla, Colorado.

Gas to charge: British ChargePoint Services (not U.S. ChargePoint) and Motor Fuel Group (MFG) have signed a partnership deal for the roll-out of EV charging across their UK network that spans 413 petrol stations. Not only did MFG included all its stations in the deal but will also install DC fast-charging with 50 kW or more. Given the less than 1,000 DC stops in the UK, this means almost a 50 percent increase.,

Green taxi ranks in Central London: The City of London is looking at new taxi stands reserved for electric cabs. The planning proposals are due to be updated this October but it is safe to say that cabbies switching to fully electric may soon have some prime spots to charge and wait for clients.

Tesla to go to Tyrol: Austria’s third largest state may soon welcome Tesla on its pastures as the EV maker is looking to open a workshop and store in Thaur near Innsbruck. While nothing has been made official yet, the hunt for employees is on and the future landlord confirmed that talks took place. (in German)

69m from the VW diesel-gate settlement in the States will go to Colorado and the state plans to invest into EV incentives for businesses and the government and also charging infrastructure. 18m alone will also buy about 36 electric or alt fuel public transit buses. The plans are still being discussed.


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