Sep 7, 2017 - 07:37 am

Christchurch, Australia, American Electric Power, Albany.

Electrifying Christchurch: One of New Zealand’s largest cities will see the launch of an EV sharing service, starting with 70 electric cars in November and additional 30 electric vehicles joining in February. Furthermore, the city’s waste management company is about to start operating an electric-powered kerbside electric truck and (despite of facing difficulties to find producers) intends to turn the majority of its 800-strong fleet to EVs in the long term. (car sharing), (rubbish truck)

Australian EV incentives: The Australian government sets up a 100m finance programme to encourage citizens to switch to EVs. Among the measures provided are a 0.7 percent discount on finance for EVs and PHEVs as well as a range of eligible energy efficient and renewable energy equipment.,,

Doubling the amount of EV chargers: American Electric Power teams up with the Electric Vehicle Charging Association and several other partners to spend almost 10m dollars on rebates for charging infrastructure in the utility’s Ohio service territory. Their plan includes 300 level 2 chargers and 75 DC fast chargers — more than doubling the 280 public charging stations in Ohio today.

To make Albany greener: The U.S. American city Albany receives 1.4m dollars from the state of New York in order to finance clean energy projects. A part of the sum, 416,000 dollars, will help to install EV charging stations and to “optimise” approximately 100 vehicles of the city’s fleet.


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