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Samsung, Honda, University of Arkansas, Formula E.

Samsung’s new battery solutions: With a German battery production missing, the IAA is a good place for Samsung to lay out its multifunctional offering. A modular system is to enable up to 700 kilometres of range and the novel ‘Low Height Cell’ was designed with light weight in mind. Cells with 21700 format for cylindrical batteries have been brought over from Korea as well.,

Honda’s Power Manager: As Japan’s second biggest carmaker enters electric territory with its Urban EV, it started to think about managing currents as well. The Power Manager enables to integrate electric cars into smart grids and its V2G functionality works both ways. Honda will put the Power Manager to the test as part of a pilot scheme called SMILE (Smart Ideas to Link Energies) in France.

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EVS30EVS30 in Stuttgart: New standards in electromobility From 9th to 11th October 2017 the entire electromobility industry will meet in Stuttgart for the EVS30. Find out about latest trends as well as applications of the electric drive train – at the exhibition or in the international conference. Don’t miss EVS30 and also visit the co-located events BATTERY+STORAGE and f-cell.

Research on power electronics is to advance at the University of Arkansas now that the DoE granted it 3.2m dollars. Two teams look to develop new power converters designed to reduce weight and complexity of such systems. The aim is to help electrify heavy vehicles and reduce cost of electric cars.

More power for FE racer: 10 kW more in racing mode (up from 170 kW) is one of the changes awaiting Formula E drivers and spectators in season 4. The ten teams have been confirmed.


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