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Tenerife, Hyundai, Dubai, UK, IndyGo.

14 fast-chargers for Tenerife: The biggest of the Canary Islands wants to extend its charging infrastructure by adding 14 fast-charging sites to the existing network of 8 rather slow-charging stations by the end of the year. However, that is nothing against the expansion plans in the upcoming three years: By 2020, Tenerife shall see already up to 415 charging stations. (in German)

Gratis charging for Hyundai’s employees: Hyundai Motor America has installed more than 100 level-two charging locations for its employees driving an Ioniq EV respectively PHEV or a Sonata PHEV. The charging net enables Hyundai’s workforce to recharge its cars during its working hours at the headquarters in Southern California.,

Dubai launches EV incentives: Dubai’s road and energy authorities want to motivate residents to replace their combustion-powered cars through EVs, thus, offering a bunch of incentives: For example, future EV owners can recharge their cars for free at Dewa-approved stations until 2019, use free designated parking and do not have to pay for their car’s registration.

More fast-chargers for UK district Devon: The Mid Devon District Council partners with InstaVolt as it seeks to install more fast-charging points in its region. The charging network shall work on a “pay-as-you-go basis”, thus being easily accessible for everyone. The first charging point has been erected in Tiverton, others shall follow in Cullompton and Crediton.

DOT awards IndyGo: Indianapolis’ Public Transportation Corporation IndyGo intends to gradually replace diesel buses through electric models, targeting a fully-electrified fleet by 2032. The U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) just contributed 1.45m dollars to support this project. The money shall help to expand the necessary charging infrastructure.


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